Pride Pooper

Louisiana Lawmaker Seeks To Ban Rainbow Flag Because Of The KKK, The Muslims Or Anybody Else

Republican city councilman Andy Naquin of Lafayette, Louisiana, is drafting legislation to ban the rainbow flag from government flagpoles.

Naquin was contacted by 79-year-old Korean War veteran Ray Green, who said he was offended that the flag was raised in the city’s Girard Park during this year’s gay pride.

Green recently went on his local news station to say: “If you allow the gay pride flag to be flown, then you got to by all rights allow the KKK, the Muslims, and anybody else.”

“I had to agree with him,” Naquin told The Daily Advertiser, Lafayette’s local newspaper.

Naquin then went on to say he is against any flag unrelated to government flying on a public flagpole, and denied implications that he is homophobic.

Naquin is now working with City-Parish Attorney Mike Hebert on drafting the ordinance, but has not yet discussed the matter with other councilmen. He expects the ordinance will only allow the American, Louisiana, and Acadian/LCG flags, and possibly Mardi Gras flags, to be flown on Lafayette Consolidated Government property.

We reached out to Naquin asking for clarification as to how a rainbow flag differs from a Mardi Gras flag, but he did not respond to our request for a comment.

In other news: Crime in Lafayette continues to rise. The Lafayette crime index is 30% higher than the Louisiana average, which is 46% higher than the National average.

Banning the rainbow flag. Now that’s Naquin’s top priority.