Pop Singer Gets Political

Madonna Hearts Hillary

Hillary Clinton received quite the celebrity endorsement this week. Madonna, queen of the gays, has put all her super star power behind Clinton’s presidential campaign. From NYDN:

Madonna will help Hillary Clinton combat the Oprah-powered campaign of Barack Obama. Her Madgesty, whose charity work in Malawi has been supported by Bill Clinton’s foundation, tells us she stands ready to serve.

Will Madonna’s power be enough to beat Oprah? We’re not holding our breath, but we appreciate her gumption.

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  • Matt

    Pity Madonna has been utterly absorbed by her quirks and turned into a pathetic self-caricature, devolving from strong and independent to a laughable screeching harpy (oh I’m SO going to get all beaten up for this!). Oprah, for better or worse, influences Middle America. Madonna maybe influences a few die-hard fanboys. I’m afraid this isn’t much help to HC.

  • alan brickman

    Madonna’s not the bigot Oprah is so hopefully this will work…

  • MauraHennessey

    Neither candidate is actually in favour of true equality for the LGBT community. When will we stop going into raptures over people who compromise away our rights? You would think that the Hate Crimes Act/ENDA debacle would have taught us something.

  • hells kitchen guy

    This was on JoeMyGod over a week ago.

  • Matt

    Excellent point, MauraHennessey! It’s sort of like, “I can’t offer you anything substantive, but look: a celebrity likes me!!”. The more I think about it, the more demeaning and insulting a lot of this becomes.

  • Dawster

    HKG – in case you didn’t notice, JoeMyGod sometimes shares stories with Queerty. in fact, J.M.G. has a story on today that was on Queerty YESTERDAY!!

    oh the humanity!!

  • hisurfer

    All celebrities can do is bring out the crowds; no one actually follows their advice. I hope.

  • codymurp

    Madonna: Queen of the Gays. I LOOOVE it!

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