Madonna’s Earth-Shattering Interview

So, we’ve watched the Today Show‘s teaser of Meredith Vieira‘s Dateline interview with Madonna.

Wow. What a doozy.

Not only do we get to hear the same thing that we already heard on Oprah, but we also get the inside scoop on how little David Banda Mwale Ciccone Ritchie sometimes wants food and other times doesn’t! Amazing, right?

But, wait, it gets better: apparently Mama Madge’s newest baby has actually developed emotional attachments and has been known to throw temper tantrums! (Of this bombshell, Viera inquired as to whether or not Madonna has temper tantrums. Um, Meredith, he’s adopted.)

All this, a little snippet on Madonna’s new children’s book, and no fake British accent!

Of course, there was some actual “news”, if you will: Madonna apparently offered to simply financially support David and his biological father, but the father – who has changed his story too many times to count – insisted Madonna take the baby to England. Interesting, no?

NBC’s definitely done it again. Mazel Tov! (Speaking of the Mazel: Madonna said that Baby David can practice any religion he wants…ahhh, Madonna, you’re the best adopted mom ever!)