Madonna’s MDNA: Biggest Second-Week Sales Drop In Chart History

Forbes reports that Madonna has set yet another record, except it’s not one to be proud of—she’s had the biggest second week drop in sales (88%) in Billboard history:

Madonna’s “MDNA” album had the biggest second week drop in chart history last week, I am told. When all the numbers are in on Tuesday night, “MDNA” will have fallen from number 1 by 88%–from 359,000 copies in its first week to roughly 46,000 the second week.

Adds The Hollywood Reporter:

Many are questioning whether the option for fans to purchase the album as part of a tour-ticket package skewed the initial numbers reported by Billboard Magazine. With 185,000 copies sold as part of this deal, only 179,000 can constitute individual album sales. Had these been the final numbers reported, the album wouldn’t have topped the US charts in its first week after all. Rather, Lionel Richie would have taken the crown for selling 199,000 copies of his latest album, Tuskegee.

Did Madonna’s team pull something sneaky here by packaging the album with the tour ticket, or was it fair game? Part of Madonna’s power is that she can pull in so many of her fans to shows, and while a lot of these fans download her music illegally or listen to it for free on YouTube with a guilty conscience, they will throw down a crazy amount ($100+ for crappy seats) to see her live.