Maggie Gallagher Finally Shows Up On MSNBC To Defend NOM’s Race-Baiting


The National Organization for Marriage got a figurative black eye this week when secret documents surfaced revealing the group’s strategy to pit blacks and Latinos against gays.

NOM blob Maggie Gallagher was supposed to appear on MSNBC on Wednesday to discuss the documents with out anchor Thomas Roberts, but was a no-show. (Apparently she was told to go to a different studio. Suuure.)

Gallagher finally waddled into the studio last night to defend the group’s actions. Ugh, we’d rather look at an empty chair.


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  • Nick

    When you know she was there but in the wrong place, this type of post makes you look very foolish. I love Queerty but come on folks….

    ….from your own pages…..
    And, speaking of NOM, he invited Maggie Gallagher to be on his show this morning to talk about its recently revealed race-baiting, dumb-celebrity-recruiting tactics. Although at first they believed she was a cowardly no-show, it turns out she was just in the wrong studio because of an MSNBC mix-up. Oops.

  • shle896

    That slob of a woman has more chins than a Chinese phone book.

  • Cam

    She claims she wants to defend “Traditional Marriage”.

    1. Why doesn’t she use her husbands last name?

    2. Why are she and her “Husband” never in the same place?

    It’s usually the people with something to hide that scream the loudest at others.

    Oh, and also, please remember that NOM is a front group for the Mormon church.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Is it not strange that Pastors, receiving Bush’s Faith Initiative money, suddenly become outspoken against marriage equality? Our tax dollars funds these churches fanning the bigotry. We need to keep Church and State separate.

  • Dame

    Can someone translate what she said at the VERY beginning? Something about wife? What was that???

  • 1equalityUSA

    “Robbie George?” I think I need compazine.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Smell the formaldehyde NOM-skulls, you’re going extinct. Sure, as with any hate group, you may be able to scrape up unenlightened ‘phobes, but the tide has turned against you and you’re now washing out to Sea, where even the bottom-feeders will spit your brand of hatred out onto the ocean’s floor, along with all of the other detritus excreta. Robert P. George, you may have multiple degrees, but you used your knowledge to sow bitterness and ranker. Congratulations on your little, social experiment. The hallowed halls of some Catholic behemoth will surely have your portrait displayed proudly. I know that I’ll never forget you. Princeton will be known for harboring a hateful professor. You and Brown and Gallagher all belong in history books.

  • Bailey


    It’s an old joke “Have you stopped beating your wife?” If you say yes, you are a former wife beater. If you say no, you are still beating her. It’s a no win question.

    She evidently was trying to portray the question put to her as being asked just to make her look bad and portray the journalist as the real evil deflecting the evil off of her.

    It didn’t work. Odd though that she put herself in a lesbian marriage with that statement though.

  • FunMe

    Whether she was a no-show or in another studio, who cares! The fact of the matter is that an EMPTY CHAIR was very powerful visual. Also, it allowed Wayne Bensen to show the real side of NOM’s HATE without Maggie the pig interrupting. Loved it!

  • jonjon

    Conservatives and bigots hate anyone who get in the way of the same old people getting all the power. People of colour, poor people, homosexuals, single women–they want to keep us all down. Don’t play into their hand.

  • Chuck

    @jonjon: Yup, and ironically, only about 9% of the US population is white, male, and over 55. Every other group is a target for GOP vitriol whether it be working women, African Americans, Latinos, LGBT people, or anyone under 55, who they want to prevent from EVER getting Medicare and Social Security.

  • Steve

    It’s called “damage control”.

    NOM is clearly a “hate group”. Maggie has worked for years to increase and foment hate against a specific minority group, and she has manipulated other minority groups for that purpose. To call it anything else, would be dishonest.

  • Gauthier

    To speak on a completely superficial note… Damn that Fred Karger is FOINE still.

  • JTKlaus

    End White homophobia.

  • Pazmateo

    Maggie the Hutt. That is all.

  • Al

    I love how she holds up a ridiculous piece of paper, stating that they didn’t “create this”. Well, Maggie, you and your legion of morons decided to take that route, and use it for your agenda.

    This fat bitch needs to banned from the airwaves.

    She is such a Anita Bryant wannabe. At least Anita was pretty and had some talent. Yeesh.

    People with this amount of obsession with homosexuality, are always gay themselves, or she has a suspected gay child, or had a husband or boyfriend leave her for man. Something else is fueling this. This is a ridiculous topic to take on, when it doesn’t concern you. Does she not have a life?

    Maggie is going to get outed in the near future in either a sex scandal or some sort of legal scandal, that will send her to prison and/or leave her bankrupt. The money alone going to this organization, is probably going to be enough to put her behind bars.

    Once marriage equality gets passed in all the key states, no one is going to throw money at her organization. It’ll be a lost battle. They are losing state-by-state now. You should read their statement after the loss in NYC. They are doing everything possible to explain to their members while they should continue on with NOM.

  • Al

    @Gauthier: Are you blind?

  • MooseintheOC

    Robert George, founder of NOM, just was appointed to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom. NOM’s talking points, arguments and strategies come from this man, who calls for the arrest and imprisonment and promoting bigotry of LGBT people. If you believe NOM’s tactics are reprehensible, please take the time to fill out this petition on the White House’s webpage condemning the appointment of Robert George. He will use this official US government position as a platform to spread vitriol against LGBT people globally. Pass the word along and post where you it is appropriate.


  • 1equalityUSA

    Dear MooseintheOC, Every time I tried to open the page, it apologized and said that the site was under construction. Robert P. George is the man behind the curtain. Mysterious.

  • drewa24

    @Gauthier: Nothing superficial about alerting others to that smoking Fred Karger. That is some white hot elder-gay. Maggie typically looks as though she
    has just polished off a picnic sized bag of Chee-tos and is scanning the room for the chocolate sheet cake she was promised in exchange for this interview.

  • Robert in NYC

    @Steve: Let’s hope the Southern Poverty Law Center adds NOM to its hate-list, long overdue. I can just hear Brian and Maggie having a hissy fit when that happens. They’ll scream bullying and freedom of religious belief being abused, the usual victim card nonsense.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Al: The “scandal” will be that her son will come out — and marry his boyfriend.

  • foulmouthgandhi

    If hetero’s have the right to marry so does anyone else and it’s illogical & inhuman to assume anything else. If the LGBT community does not have the right to marriage, then hetero’s have cannot divorce.

    Homophobia and the desire to oppress people to me and to others (who actually use the grey matter encased in their skulls) is unnatural, illogical and slightly retarded and barbaric. ESPECIALLY if the ideas behind the laws created to deny the SAME FREEDOMS you enjoy to a specific group of people you deem “immoral” were gleaned from a dusty old tome. An old bronze age rag whose followers claim it is the word of cod & that cod frowns upon same sex marriage are, have always been and will always be unsubstantiated. It does not and could not stand up to scientific method and has never and could never bare not ONE SHRED of empirical evidence to support such outlandish claims of either the existence of cod or his disapproval of homosexuality.

    I am an ANTI-THEIST and a staunch outspoken defender of human rights, as in I will fight to my dying day to see to it that fundaMENTAList theocrats & moralizing ninnies are pushed so far back in the political and social narrative that it’s just the inane buzzing of a flea that is barely audible to the human ear. And I would like to see to in my lifetime that all people regardless of skin color, economic/social background, & sexual orientation are treated humanely, fairly and have the right to express themselves freely in a society that is unaffected by the will of the deluded proselytizing masses of morons like the “NOM blob”.
    LOL…. “NOM blob”. That’s fucking fantastic!

    Full story here: http://www.queerty.com/maggie-gallagher-finally-shows-up-on-msnbc-to-defend-noms-race-baiting-20120330/#ixzz1qinfa7KC

  • MooseintheOC

    @Robert in NYC: It already is and has been for a long time. These people are really sick.

  • jasonut29

    AND Catholic churh

  • Blah, bla..huh?

    @JTKlaus: OK, and while you at it you can start ending non-white homophobia in the cCrribean Gay Cruise threads here. Cool, I like this division of labor coalition thing, it’s better than talking past each other the way the Right has socially engineered it to play out. Good luck!

  • Curtis

    crazy shit these days. I am trying as hard as I possibly can so see how anyone is trying to, “Equate gay with black, and sexual orientation with race”, (besides of course NOM); but I can’t :-/
    Also, I do not know how you can define “traditional sexuality” as between a man and a woman, seeing as ‘gay’ has existed since before man, and obviously still exists today. Seriously.. If NOM had half a brain, they would see that they are the next step into modern day Nazism.
    Love NOM’s fascination with the word ‘assimilation’. lol They want to “interrupt inappropriate assimilation”. It doesn’t get more Nazi than that!
    Anyway, Good job, Maggie. I have never seen someone derail a conversation and completely avoid the question like that, in my entire life.
    ps: Strange how ‘kiwi’ and ‘oh, ok’ can’t be found posting here..

  • QueerNE

    Did anyone else sense that she really didn’t answer any of the questions?

  • J. C.

    I think that she has a gay guy for a hairdresser. He pretends to agree with her….he earns her trust….then he exacts his revenge by giving her that teeny tiny bob hairdo!
    Either that, or her wig is far too small.

  • Troy

    @shle896: OK, let me get this straight (pun intended). It’s perfectly fine to call this woman a “slob” and make negative nasty comments about her looks, but not ok to use derogatory comments toward members of the LGBT community. Got it.

    Pot, meet kettle.

  • JasonUVA

    At least she wasn’t munching loudly on chips during the interview.

  • Kyle

    Back in the 50’s, did Meet the Press, for example, have the Klan on as commentators about black people in the US?

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