Maggie Gallagher Is Furious With Chris Christie For Banning Conversion Therapy [UPDATED]

If two people ever deserved each other, it’s Chris Christie and Maggie Gallagher. The New Jersey governor and the co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage are not renowned for their smooth social skills, Even though Christie is the only obstacle to marriage equality in New Jersey, that’s not good enough for Maggie. She’s now furious with the governor for signing a bill banning conversion therapy for minors.

“The new law communicates to gays and lesbians seeking to conform their lives to their values that they are second-glass [sic] citizens, without the same right to seek help that other people enjoy. It is a right of self-determination that Gov. Christie has shut down,” Gallagher said in a statement that might just as well have been written on a cocktail napkin from the corner bar.

Gallagher has been diversifying into conversion therapy and is chair of Freedom of Conscience Defense, which supports a conversion therapy outfit being sued in New Jersey for consumer fraud. She clearly sees the new law as a threat to that case, even though the law applies only to minors.

“Governor Christie’s decision today violates the individual drive of men and women who no longer want to be tormented by unwanted homosexual desires,” Gallagher complained. “They are adults and should be free to seek out help for themselves with government interference.”

No response from Christie yet, but it would be a lot of fun to see these two titans get into it.

UPDATE: Gallagher now says she did not approve the statement blasting Christie, claiming it was released “by staff error and without my approval. These are not my words or my sentiments.” Funny, but it sure sounded like vintage Maggie. Gallagher says she will read the new bill “carefully before I issue any statement, if I do.”  We would love to hear the full story behind this little drama.