Maggie Gallagher Stepping Down as NOM President


But she’s not leaving the National Organization for Marriage. As Maggie Gallagher resigns her president post (with executive director and Maggie’s BFF Brian Brown stepping into the post), she’ll remains on the organization’s executive committee.

One of the truly great honors of fighting to protect marriage is the amazing people you get to meet all around this country. People who stand up to hatred, stand up with unfailing decency and civility-but with a relentless and unfailing courage to stand for the truth about the good.

That is Brian Brown. I’m so proud to be able to announce his well-earned promotion, and to thank God, and you– our key, dear and valued friends and supporters, for all that we’ve accomplished together.

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  • clark

    Oh please God, please drop a house on her!

  • Joe

    It will take more than a house for a big girl like her

  • Jon (the handsome one)

    Did the kids at Queerty mix up april fools day with 4/20 today?

    Just askin.

  • Pat

    I think she meant to say she loves meeting people who “stand up for hatred” not to it.

  • John Raymond Barker

    I hope this means seeing less of her smug face on TV.

  • David

    She’ll have some much needed time for the treadmill. Stop eating your homosexual feelings, fattie.

  • tjr101

    I so enjoyed making fun of her and throwing insults. Have to get used to the new guy now.

    Well I guess it doesn’t have to stop… she looks like shit!

  • rf

    Her invisible gay husband probably filed divorce papers so she has to keep a lower profile.

  • Michael

    Something doesn’t add up. I bet we’re going to be hearing about the real reason she’s stepping down pretty soon. Lesbianism anyone?

  • Devon

    And there were so many fat jokes I never got to use.



    Considering her “marriage” is a sham, Her bridge playing husband tours with his “best friend” all year long. Maybe there is some kind of revelation comming out and this big (in more ways than one) advocate for “traditional marriage” has been determined to be too big (there I go again!) a liability for such a fine, upstanding organization…………………..

  • greybat

    Maggie’s stepping down to finish her book. Brian’s actually been running quite a bit of the show for a long time.
    I occasionally read the NOM newsletter, which is a total horrorshow. Before you read it, I would suggest re-reading George Orwell’s “1984”.
    We are now living in Oceana!

  • Cam

    I find it facinating that within a month or so of articles coming out asking why, as a fighter for “Traditional MArriage” she is never with her husband etc… she suddenly is stepping down. It sounds like she has some skeletons in the closet and was worried that if people investigated her further they would come out.

  • Independently Minded

    Brian Bottom Brown is the new executive? This is even better! This man is a Larry Craig/Mark Foley/TAKE IT UP THE ASS Republican if I’ve ever seen one!

  • Richard Cortijo

    @Independently Minded: If you could lift thos heafty legs….

  • Drake

    Her wikipedia bio says she has had one or more kids outside of marriage. It’s interesting that her marriage views did not keep her from her free-lance fucking and no contraception either. She can now join the Bristol Palin talk show circuit, advocating the no sex, save your pussy for marriage message that American teens hunger for. Like Dr Laura, whose beaver shots made by her ex-live in boyfriend, are all over the internet, there is enough hypocrisy among these gals to give the teabaggers and republicans something to ponder.

  • Hyhybt

    @Joe: OK, a Wal-Mart Supercenter then.

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