Maggie Gallagher’s 3-Step Thanksgiving Day Recipe For Serving Up Anti-Gay Rhetoric

GLAAD has already served up its suggestions on how to discuss LGBT issues over the Thanksgiving dinner table, so now let’s hear from the anti-LGBT side. Margaret “I Hate My Foreign Husband’s Surname” Srivastav (aka NOM’s Maggie Gallagher) has made a video on behalf of the creepy-sounding Culture War Victory Fund offering helpful tips on how relatives can voice their bigoted views on marriage equality and quickly retreat while shaming anyone who disagrees.

Here’s Mrs. Srivastav’s three helpful suggestions (with our own comments in italics):

1. State your position briefly. – Say that any marriages that don’t produce or children aren’t marriages. Watch your sterile cousin and his infertile wife squirm uncomfortably.

2. Refute briefly the charge of bigotry. – Say, “It’s not bigoted or hateful or discriminatory to treat different things differently.” Just like it’s not discriminatory to treat different people differently. Heck, it’s almost an American tradition!

3. A call to tolerance. – Say that it’s neither kind nor tolerant to point out the unkind and intolerant beliefs of other family members. Emphasize “family members” by wagging a fork with meat on it for extra gravitas.

Note that she repeats the word “briefly” in the first two steps and then finally instructs people to keep saying, “Let’s not fight, we’re family!” over and over until everyone else shuts up. Nothing makes good political conversation like terse responses and calling all disagreements “intolerant.”

Note also the hair on the left side of her face that flops about as she speaks. Who cut your hair, gurl? Sue them.

We say that if any family member tries to pass off their discrimination as “moral beliefs” you simply point out that marriage is about commitment (not kids) and that all committed, tax-paying American couples should have the same civil (not religious) rights.

The only part of the video we agree with is the part where Srivastav says, “If you don’t think two men in a union are a marriage, you are a bigot like people who wanted to hold back African Americans.”