Magic Mike Goes To Twerk & Other Moments From The MTV Movie Awards

magic 1

The MTV Movie Awards — the second least legitimate awards show (behind only the Grammys) — limped onto our screens last night with host Amy Schumer.  There were winners, awkward presentations, even more awkward acceptance speeches — in short, it was your typical Hollywood trophy snatchfest, except that it was on MTV so we had a lot more trash to sort through. Luckily, some of that trash was hot and shirtless.

Here’s all you need to know about the 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

Amy Schumer made a lot of Magic Mike vagina jokes

schumer magic mike

Seriously, a lot of Magic Mike-related vagina jokes
schumer vaj joke 2vagina amber roseThat Amy Schumer’s a one-joke pony — and here it is riding out of the theater
vaj jokesThankfully Jennifer Lopez took the reins and commanded Channing Tatum to get to twerk
magic 2magic 3

And backstage they all had their inaugural Ridiculously Attractive People Caucus with keynote speaker, J. Lo’s mug

jlo magic mug

Noted crooner Vin Diesel serenaded the audience


Zac Efron and Dave Franco got up close and personalzac dave 1

Real personalzac dave 2There were some sexy crew guys hanging around all shirtless and sexy

“Cut To: Super Hot Cue Card Guy”


Judd Apatow had to eject a sassy seat/popcorn/scene-stealing seat filler

seat filler


Model Cara Delevingne took matters — and an usher — into her own hand


 Les Fabian Brathwaite — and the one joke pony he rode in on.