Maine Court Sticks It To NOM: Reveal Your Donors Or Go The Hell Away

While the National Organization for Marriage has sunk its rabid paws into many a state sans disclosure of its donor list, a Maine appeals court is saying that ain’t gonna work for them.

This comes as NOM tries to battle marriage-equality supporters who gathered over 100,000 signatures to put gay marriage on the ballot this November. Previously, NOM donated nearly $2 million to repeal same-sex marriage via referendum in 2009.

Ever playing the victim, NOM tells the Boston Globe that gay-marriage supporters are going after straight-marriage supremacists in their homes and that they’ll appeal this to the Supreme Court. Right.

James Bopp Jr., an Indiana lawyer who is representing NOM, played up the yarn that the organization is grassroots. (It’s not.) Said Bopp to the Globe: “We already know that the homosexual lobby has launched a national campaign of harassment and intimidation against supporters of traditional marriage, so there’s a good reason to keep these names confidential.”

Mary Bonauto, an attorney with Boston-based Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, called bullshit on NOM. “Courts have said it’s important for voters to know who the donors are for each side since that information may help them decide how to vote,” she said. “Everyone else abides by the disclosure rules and so can NOM.”

And if you’re wondering who NOM’s big unnamed donors are—probably the Catholic and Mormon Churches.