Makin’ a Splash: 10 Openly Gay Swimmers (and Divers)


Like a lot of people, we were inspired by the story of Amini Fonua, an Olympic swimmer who publicly came out at what the Princeton Review named one of the most LGBT-unfriendly schools in the country, Texas A&M. Fonua follows in a long line of speedo-clad aquasexuals: from gold-medal-snatching Olympians Greg Louganis, Bruce Hayes and Matthew Mitcham to swimmer turned designer, activist  and professional man-candy Jack Mackenroth. We decided to snap on our swim caps — Esther Williams-style — and dive into the openly gay athletes who made laps and history in the pool.

Make sure you wait 30 minutes after eating to take a dip in Queerty’s list of 8 Openly Gay Swimmers (and 2 Divers).