Makin’ a Splash: 10 Openly Gay Swimmers (and Divers)


Like a lot of people, we were inspired by the story of Amini Fonua, an Olympic swimmer who publicly came out at what the Princeton Review named one of the most LGBT-unfriendly schools in the country, Texas A&M. Fonua follows in a long line of speedo-clad aquasexuals: from gold-medal-snatching Olympians Greg Louganis, Bruce Hayes and Matthew Mitcham to swimmer turned designer, activist  and professional man-candy Jack Mackenroth. We decided to snap on our swim caps — Esther Williams-style — and dive into the openly gay athletes who made laps and history in the pool.

Make sure you wait 30 minutes after eating to take a dip in Queerty’s list of 8 Openly Gay Swimmers (and 2 Divers).

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  • miagoodguy

    Jack Mackenroth as part of this list? Who did he have to pay or have sex with to make this list? Or does this “author” have a major crush on him? There are FAR more worthyy swimmers and divers who have accomplished WAY more in their sports than this fame seeking whore: Just a quick list: 1) Matthew Helm (2x Olympic medalist, 3x World Champ medalist), 2) Patrick Jeffrey (2x Olympian), 3) David Pichler (2x Olympian),

  • mlbumiller

    D. Kowalski and J. Kenkhuis shouldnt really be on the list nor the list that you supplied. Reason? It is all well that they are all accomplished swimmers and divers, and they were “out” in sport… but what have they even accomplish in the GLTB community? At least J. Machenroth is using his assets. In 2009 he medaled in all 8 of the events he entered at the Outgames, after not competing for 2year and at the age of 41.In 2008, Mackenroth partnered with Merck & Co., Inc. to launch a national HIV and AIDS education campaign called Living Positive By Design. MIAGOODGUY, what is your problem with Machenroth?

  • BritAus

    Jack’s yummy

  • BritAus

    And mlbumiller … the list is Out Swimmers and Divers, they don’t all have to be flippin’ activists.
    You’re both as bad as each other, with your whinging.

  • balehead

    They are proud and they should be… congrats!!

  • pscheck2

    I commend all of them for finally admitting that they are gay and proud of it (I think?);however, they wait years to reveal the truth about themselves and in the meantime, hundreds, possibly thousands of youths vexing over their sexuality are denied these role models! This is true in other sports, especially the NFL. So many icons waiting at the ‘closet’ door because they don’t want their image tarnished by coming out! They are powerful figures, but they lack backbone in helping many young guys to be proud of who they are and not feel marginalized! Just say,en!

  • mlbumiller

    @pscheck2: my whole point!

  • gayjim1969

    Instead of constantly criticizing those sports figures for not coming out soon enough to please us, maybe we should support them for doing so at all. Beating them up and down just sends the message to those thinking about coming out that they should just remain there. Who needs the aggravation? They face the same problems we all face during the coming out process, plus those we can’t even imagine. It’s hard enough to come out in relative obscurity, let alone while the whole world watches.

  • John

    Each person in this group of 10 Athletes has phenomenal talents…Why are people so hung up on their medals…Or the amount of awards they have achieved…Me personally all 10 athletes are remarkable in their own rights and should be honored for their heroic strides of sport, personal achievements, and their actual character…Most of all their own courage to be secure about who they are in a public setting. When the rest of us are trying to quantify what they are doing in our own minds .I have had the honor to meet at least 2 on this list and would say some people are very rude when they try to compare one person against another…It reminds me of a guy at the race track saying to his buddies see I picked the horse in the Ninth and he won!
    Each of these really outstanding Athletes deserve regard, respect and honors based on who they are, what they did achieve in the past,and what they are currently doing for others right now as they are just short of being miracles for all to see and appreciate.

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