Man Arrested For Vandalizing Church With Poster That Made Jesus Look Gay

church suspect 1 Cops: Multiple Buffalo Churches Vandalized In Bias CrimePolice have arrested a man for vandalizing several churches in Buffalo, Minnesota, last weekend with handwritten posters bearing “inflammatory” messages.

According to Hosanna Lutheran pastor Rob Jarvis, the sign on his church depicted Jesus as being gay: “It was [the suspect’s] idea of Jesus and then describing homosexual acts, and things like that.” Hosanna’s windows were knocked out the next day.

Police, who found damage at six churches inflicted since last Saturday, examined closed-circuit footage and spotted suspect Wade Murray, 30.

What’s the connection? Why do this—and why these churches?

Well, our friends at NOM have a theory: “The message posted at these churches involved homosexuality and four out of the five churches publicly support the Marriage Protection Amendment.”

Minnesota is one of four states facing a referendum on marriage equality. But Murray, who is facing felony property-damage charges, claims he was motivated by “his anger with God over personal issues” not politics.

Well, it seems like NOM was wrong—but don’t expect them to retract their story. Of course, there’s always the chance Murray lied because he didn’t want to get saddled with additional bias-crime charges. Either way, houses of worship were desecrated, and we can’t approve.

But we can think about how this stacks up to the hundreds of gay-affirming churches, community centers, bars and homes that have been vandalized over the decades. A broken window and a poster don’t really seem like all that much.

Photo: Buffalo Police Department