Man Arrested For Vandalizing Church With Poster That Made Jesus Look Gay

church suspect 1 Cops: Multiple Buffalo Churches Vandalized In Bias CrimePolice have arrested a man for vandalizing several churches in Buffalo, Minnesota, last weekend with handwritten posters bearing “inflammatory” messages.

According to Hosanna Lutheran pastor Rob Jarvis, the sign on his church depicted Jesus as being gay: “It was [the suspect’s] idea of Jesus and then describing homosexual acts, and things like that.” Hosanna’s windows were knocked out the next day.

Police, who found damage at six churches inflicted since last Saturday, examined closed-circuit footage and spotted suspect Wade Murray, 30.

What’s the connection? Why do this—and why these churches?

Well, our friends at NOM have a theory: “The message posted at these churches involved homosexuality and four out of the five churches publicly support the Marriage Protection Amendment.”

Minnesota is one of four states facing a referendum on marriage equality. But Murray, who is facing felony property-damage charges, claims he was motivated by “his anger with God over personal issues” not politics.

Well, it seems like NOM was wrong—but don’t expect them to retract their story. Of course, there’s always the chance Murray lied because he didn’t want to get saddled with additional bias-crime charges. Either way, houses of worship were desecrated, and we can’t approve.

But we can think about how this stacks up to the hundreds of gay-affirming churches, community centers, bars and homes that have been vandalized over the decades. A broken window and a poster don’t really seem like all that much.

Photo: Buffalo Police Department

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  • EvonCook

    But OF COURSE, Jesus was gay! Well, not “gay” in the modern, political sense, but homosexual, certainly –keeping twelve horny apostles around him (have you ever been with so many monks, priests or just men and NOT had sex enter into the picture!) and also his being as considerate, sensitive, intelligent, imaginative, kind, devoted and all those other very non-sports, non-aggressive, non-simplistic, non-combatant, non-bombastic, super hetero-male manifestations of machismo. Further Jesus pointedly DID NOT condemn homosexuality or say anything about it, no matter what self-serving hate filled preachers and bigoted additions of the bible have spouted afterwards. Now, I am not saying I think Jesus was the beginning and end like some, but you have to realize and accept that he certainly was gay, or at the least bisexual like we all are. It is also why subsequent religionists have had to come out so anti-gay, just like the sports world, the army, wherever men dominate, the atmosphere must be swept clean of any temptation or hint of the natural and divine sexuality which is so human, so ever present and so much a part of life. The recent suggestions that Jesus was married even upset these people who insisted Jesus must be above sex. Above sex? There is nothing better or more driving or more present in life than this essential element and pleasure. For that reason alone I prefer the old Gods to these modern monotheists, for at least the old Gods enjoyed themselves and could understand men better!!! Anyone so against sex is not just a prude, but deeply perverted, strange and inhuman and certainly non-divine.

  • tidalpool

    @EvonCook; jesus did make mention when asked about what was considered a sin, he responded, ‘look to the law, it has been written.’
    Several of the many laws written for the protection of the hebrew nation were specific, ‘Men shall not lie down with men as they do women’ ‘men shall not spill their seed upon the ground’ ‘a man will leave his family, and marry a woman and become one with her’..
    I do not believe that we can assume Jesus, who was purportedly the the end of the old covenant, and the begining of the new convenant God set out for all the nations would have been a man who broke God’s laws by engaging in homosexual acts with other men of faith. Men of faith have for centurys understood celibacy is not ignoring ones essential humanity, it is however where one can sublimate a divine gift to aknowledge the supremacy of the vows giving all to God in service to him.
    Secular man often makes the mistake of attributing present day behaviors to a man who lived in a world of god believers, where celibacy frequently was the one rule that seperated those who believed as christ did, from those who did not.
    I have lived in a house of faith, and spent time with many men, none of who spoke of sex, referanced sex, or suggested sex was an answer to celibacy in any way. It is something only those who have the calling for spiritual sacrifice, and sublimation of their own wants and needs will ever understand. A life given to god fills a need in ones heart that can not be filled anywhere else. May peace be with you.

  • Mullerornis


    How moronic of you.

    Bother to learn hebrew and khoine greek. Not even the Leviticus is against homosexuality, but sex with underage boys.

    The only way your ignorant logic applies is if you equate homosexuality with pedophilia. If you do so, you’re more pathetic than you appear.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @EvonCook: God, you’re an idiot.

  • Ogre Magi


  • Mullerornis

    @Eric Auerbach: While he is hardly any smart, I, as a human being, have to say you are twice the imbecile.

  • LandStander

    @Mullerornis: “While he is hardly any smart…”

    This made me laugh :-)

  • Eric Auerbach


    “While he is hardly any smart…”? Thanks for making clear right off the bat that you’re not worth taking seriously.

  • Myles.

    The CIA torture prison in Cuba deserves more respect than any house of worship.At least the CIA owns up to their crimes.
    These places should all be turned into low-income community housing or something else useful.
    Religion is the root of all evil.

  • Ogre Magi

    @Mullerornis: “All your base are belong to us”

  • Dumdum

    Jesus was Gay. And Muhammad was a pederast. DUH ! And religion is the opiate of the masses. I only have half a brain and I know that stuff. As it is written, so shall it be.

  • tidalpool

    @ Mullerornis , while koine and aramaic and even hebrew were the languages of the original recordings of biblical law, a working knowledge of them might lend some assistance in finer points of a specific argument, western man has used both english and german translations since the 1600’s. Our usage of those translations is where we have formed our basic understanding of the bible.
    When Christ was asked, ‘what is the greatest of the commandments?’ he replied, ‘To love one another…’ To put your fellow man on a parity with yourself is so very simple, and so profoundly difficult. Deciding I am ‘moronic’ and your assumption of how I might view homosexuality and paedophilia would make me more ‘pathetic’ then I appear is more telling then any rant by an anti-christian.
    What ever else a homosexual might be, in these rooms I have seen homosexuals show extreme distain, hate, and ridicule for those who attempt to follow Christ and his life style. I have seen such vitupretive hate speak from men who claim to be accepting, all inclusive, open minded and tolerant it was some what of a shock to see the direct opposite. I confess it is a small sample of gay men, but when 90 + % respond in the same derisive manner, it does suggest you are one of the prime sources of hate and hostility in the public dialogue.
    Each and every person choses how they will respond to God’s message. Some use it for profit, others use it for personal gain, and still others use it to distort the message of peace and compassion for one another. Those men must be recognized for what they are. Just as those who attack God’s message because they have chosen the wide path to destruction must be judged on their choice. Man is not the judge, God is.
    I happen to be a gay christian. I am more then familiar with what God said to the Hebrews, and what his son said to the rest of the world. I am content with my relationship with my holy father. My hope is that you too would find a place in your heart that allows you to recognize man’s nature is to accept the easy and destructive way, and that by chosing to follow Christ, you are chosing to walk the narrow and rugged path. Mullerornis, you too have the same offer I had. Its your choice. I always hope more of my brothers chose to follow god, rather then the alternative. Peace be with you

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