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Man-Clock Marriage Opponent Rebecca Kleefisch’s Uncle Chris Pfauser Donates $500 To Her Opponent

Chris Pfauser is an openly gay man. He is a business consultant. And he’s a former Wisconsin resident. Oh, and he’s also the uncle of Rebecca Kleefisch, the Republican lieutenant governor candidate who had to apologize for comparing gay marriage to man-clock marriage. Pfauser isn’t impressed with her apology, so much so that he’s helping her opponent get elected.


“I was incredibly disappointed,” Pfauser, who now lives in Michigan with his partner Rob Gow, says of his niece. “She must finally be feeling the pressure. Unfortunately, I don’t think she really means it.”

He’s been no fan of his sister’s daughter’s campaign, where she’s running with gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker — so he gave $500 to the Democratic campaign of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

He said he was close to Kleefisch when they were younger, pointing out that he is closer in age to the former television reporter than he is to her mother. He said he was something like an older brother to Kleefisch. Never during that time did she express any objection to his relationship with his partner, Rob Gow, who runs a real estate business for properties along Chicago’s North Shore. The couple recently moved to New Buffalo, Mich. “For years, I was told and led to believe that she was in full support of my relationship,” Pfauser said.

In fact, he said, he has talked with Kleefisch and his relatives about Gow on many occasions, particularly at holiday gatherings. “Obviously, Rob has been a part of their life growing up,” Pfauser said. “We’ve always been, for years, welcome and felt love and support from my sister and her kids.” In a statement, Kleefisch said Thursday that she still respects her uncle and his partner but opposes gay marriage.

So why is Pfauser speaking out now? Because, he says, he doesn’t want to look back on this election and see himself as the new Mary Cheney, speaking out only when it’s took late. He notes Kleefisch’s apology is “for being insensitive,” not for believing what she does. [Journal Sentinel]