Man Convicted Of Murdering 18-Year-Old Andrew Compton Sentenced To 17 Years In Prison

andrew-comptonThe 42-year-old man accused of killing 18-year-old Andrew Compton in order to engage in postmortem sex pleaded guilty to all charges on Monday, and despite the status of the boy’s still-missing remains, he will spend the next 17 years in jail for the Sullivan University student’s murder.

According to reports, the two met on an online dating site in 2010 and decided to meet in person for consensual sex. The gruesome details of that day were finally revealed during sentencing on Monday, where Gregory O’Bryan confessed that he “tied up [Compton] with electrical wires after providing him with alcohol,” before Compton allegedly “died during sex.”

Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry read the most graphic details aloud to the courtroom:

“Defendant then dragged Compton’s body into his bed, and the defendant — you, Mr. O’Bryan — then went to sleep. When the defendant awoke, the defendant then had sex with Compton’s corpse, which was in a state of rigor mortis.”

After engaging in sexual intercourse with Compton’s corpse, O’Bryan told the court that he disposed of the body in a nearby garbage bin. Officials have spent the last two years thoroughly combing the landfill where Compton’s body was expected to end up, but have yet to find his remains. Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Lisa Cartier-Giroux said “I don’t believe we will ever find the body.”

Andrew’s family has consistently denied interviews, leaving much of their thoughts to be summed up during a victim impact statement. Andrew’s mother, Angela Compton, said “the way that Andrew’s slim, thin body was treated was barbaric, cruel, disturbing and inhumane,” and pleaded with O’Bryan to take responsibility for what he had done.

O’Bryan’s plea agreement bars him from appealing the sentence, but he’ll be eligible for parole in 2030.