Man Killed For “Blowing Kisses” In NYC’s Third Anti-Gay Homicide This Year

Crime SceneOn Monday a 22-year-old man stabbed a 69-year-old man to death because he thought he was “blowing kisses to him”, even though the victim was married to a woman.

Queens resident Steven Torres has been accused of stabbing Ever Orozco after Torres claimed Orozco came onto him. According to the New York Daily News, the attack occurred after Orozco dropped off his wife at the doctor’s office and parked his car. Torres attacked Orozco at 90th St and Roosevelt Ave then took off. Police apprehended him six blocks later, also recovering the knife he used to kill Orozco.

“He (Torres) said the victim was blowing kisses to him. That’s what set him off,” a source said. “This is what he is claiming.”

Torres also stands accused of stabbing another man on September 19 for allegedly coming onto him, though the 47-year-old victim survived his injuries. Torres is being charged with murder as a hate crime.

This is the third anti-LGBT homicide to occur this year, following the shooting death of Mark Carson, a gay man, and the savage beating of Islan Nettles, a transgender woman.

“We rarely see multiple anti-LGBT homicides in New York City in one year,” said Sharon Stapel, Executive Director of the New York Anti-Violence Project. “Since May, we have seen homicides in the West Village, Harlem and Jackson Heights and we know that any neighborhood in New York City can be impacted by anti-LGBT violence. We are extremely concerned about this disturbing trend of violence against our communities.”

In response to this latest trasgedy, the AVP will be organizing a Community Safety Night for Friday, September 20 in Jackson Height, Queens. More information about the Community Safety Night as well as updates about these incidents will be posted on AVP’s Facebook.

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  • Nyruinz

    This man obviously had issues coming to terms with his sexuality and he went bonkers. His fellow inmates will help him figure things out rather quickly, I’m sure.

  • Wingfield

    Whatever happened to…. If somebody makes you uncomfortable walk away? Sad

  • Kenny1948

    This happened right in NYC, not in Russia. Need I say anymore?

  • Deepdow


    *Because in NYC when this happens, the police do nothing and there are laws against gay people.
    *Because random antigay violence should be conflated with antigay bureaucratic policy.

  • wilfredo267

    @Deepdow: Well said.

  • Manuel

    His sexual insecurity is the only reason why.If you have a problem with the sexuality of others it’s only because of your deep rooted fear of your own homosexuality.By the way the New York Shitty Commission on Human rights DOES NOT pursue claims based on your sexuality.I know because I filed 3 complaints only to have horse faced women ask me if I was sure I wanted to do so.My 4th complaint went unaccepted as the blond bimbo said there was nothing they could do when the city has housing court laws that HOGAR violated by evicting me AFTER my rent was paid and collecting for 7 months after.

  • Raquel Santiago

    “Torres also stands accused of stabbing another man on September 19 for allegedly coming onto him, though the 47-year-old victim survived his injuries. Torres is being charged with murder as a hate crime.”

    September 19?? of what year and why is he out after allegedly stabbing another person did they get the date right or was it August?

  • Derek Williams

    Truly heterosexual people aren’t homophobic. They’re too busy chasing the opposite sex to be bothered to work themselves up into a frenzy about us gays.

    Google “homophobia caused by closet homosexuality” and see all the research.

    Recent famous examples include:
    George ‘Rent Boy’ Rekers
    Bishop Eddie Long
    Senator Roy Ashburn
    Reverend Ted Haggard

  • Teleny

    @Derek Williams: that’s true. I still don’t get the rationale behind gay panic. Surely this guy with a knife and who has stabbed others didn’t feel like he was going to be killed.

  • LadyL

    @Teleny: On the contrary, he felt like he was going to be kissed. Because he wanted it. And was afraid everyone would see that he wanted it.

  • Nyruinz

    That boy was probably gay as hell and paranoid that every one knew he was gay.

  • Jerry12

    I remember years ago when I came on to an older man that I was sure was Gay; He just smiled and said “I’m strait; but thank you for the compliment.” Since then, I have always wondered about the sexuality of men that react violently when approached by some one that is Gay.

  • fredhotman

    New York is a wonderful exciting city. To many crazies are on the loose.
    Its an old story about latent gays who have not come to terms with their
    own sexuality lashing out at all& sundry. Real straights would ignore such

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