“‘Manly’ Homophobia No Joke,” Says Journo

Ken Hutcherson caught the public eye as a football player. Fast forward a few decades and he’s a right wing preacher and launching shareholder mutiny against gay-friendly Microsoft.

Some consider Hutcherson a simple wack-job, but journo Anthony Robinson wonders if he’s not a bit more dangerous:

…Hutcherson was preaching on gender roles. During his sermon, Hutcherson stated, “God hates soft men” and “God hates effeminate men.” Hutcherson went on to say, “If I was in a drugstore and some guy opened the door for me, I’d rip his arm off and beat him with the wet end.”

“That was a joke,” Hutcherson said Friday, when I asked him about the comment. But it’s not really funny, is it?

What it sounds like are the kinds of words that have paved the way for atrocities in such places as Serbia, Kosovo and Rwanda.

Um, duh! Where do you think Hutcherson gets all his material?