Numbers, Reality Make Us Lose Our Lunch

“Manorexia” Ain’t Pretty

Dying to be thin isn’t a punchline. Take it from 36-year old Minnesota resident Jeremy. The 36-year old literally is dying to be thin. And so are countless other men, as journo Kevin Hoffman explores in a captivating and lyrical piece for City Pages.

Hoffman writes:

Earlier this year, Harvard researchers released the results of the first major nationwide mental health survey to include eating disorders. It found that men accounted for 25 percent of anorexia and bulimia cases and a full 40 percent of binge eaters. “These disorders are less common in men, but maybe not quite as rare as we once thought,” says Dr. James I. Hudson, the study’s lead author.

Jeremy, who asked that his last name not be published, has been dabbling in starvation since even before puberty, sneaking laxatives and purging in secret. If this sounds like you, well, we suggest you find some help, because we don’t want to see any of you wasting away.

And, honestly, skin and bones simply aren’t in this season.