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Marine Chief Gen. James Conway Will Let You Fags Serve Openly If You’re Quarantined

We already knew Gen. James Conway, the Marine Corps Commandant, isn’t a big fan of this whole Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal thing. He thinks ending the policy would be “disruptive.” But if it must? Then the gays have to live in separate barracks.

Which means, what, gay couples can live together? Hurrah! (Also: Haha.)

Conway tells “I would not ask for our Marines to live with someone that is homosexual if we can possibly avoid it. And to me, that means we gotta build BEQs that have single rooms. … I think that, one, I would in this case want to reserve the right of a Marine who thinks he or she wouldn’t want to do that, okay, and again that’s the overwhelming number of people that said that they wouldn’t like to do so. We have chosen to do it as a Marine Corps because we think it is good for unit cohesion. If we believe it’s going to be adverse for unit cohesion, then why wouldn’t we join every other services’ standard, and say that, you know, under the previous regulations it was conducive, under the current regulations it’s got the potential to cause friction, so we’re going to demand the same standards as everybody else.”

Can we put in a request if we don’t want to live with a Jewish or Muslim soldier?


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  • Mark Alexander

    I would personally find it impossible ro serve alongside rabid christianists. Can they be segregated as well?

  • ousslander

    Ye4s identify yourself as gay for those “special” barracks then get your ass discharged. What a fucking tool!

  • EdWoody

    Doesn’t he realise that gays are ALREADY living together under his roof? It’s the Marines for fuck’s sake. Power bottoms every one of them.

  • Dillon Font

    “Tonight, at the Gay Barracks = Every Fag Gets Laid!”

    I guess that’ll help gay soldier cohesion :-p How Sparta.

  • Michael @

    Don’t blame Col. Klink. He’s just maintaining the decades-long history of Marine bigotry and asshattery.

    “If it were a question of having a Marine Corps of 5,000 whites or 250,000 Negroes, I would rather have the whites.” – Marine Commandant Maj. Gen. Thomas Holcomb, April 1941.

    Holcomb also said allowing blacks into the Marines was simply impractical as they were too small a force to ….wait for it…..create SEPARATE BARRACKS for them! Conway’s just the reincarnated Holcomb.

    But, seriously, he SHOULD be held accountable for his going off script of what they are all supposed to be saying which head of the Joint Chiefs Mullen revealed yesterday actually exists when responding to the question about Conway’s fellow dissenter Gen. Mixon. [tho anyone who doesn’t realize it’s all a charade isn’t paying attention].

    But Obama won’t have the balls to punish Conway any more than Clinton had the balls to punish Colin Powell.

  • Mika

    He´s hot!…YES SIIIIRRRR!!!!!!!

  • aalan brickman

    retire the generals and rehire the gays I always say….

  • morgan

    If this guy spoke out in my country, he’d have been murdered already by straight people. Your country sucks. You hate each other. Go watch your new and disagree with me and i’ll send you $1,000.

  • SugNight

    Yeah, like I’d need a building to keep me from hitting on the good general…..face like an alligator pocketbook (don’t they sell sunscreen in the PX, Capt?), obviously brain by Mattel, and jowls for days. WHY is it always the ugly assed, clueless straight guys who fear we won’t be able to keep our mitts off them, when in fact we wouldn’t fuck them with a rented dick???
    No separate barracks necessary, Conway. You’d even be safe in the lady’s barracks!

  • Michael

    @morgan: America does suck BIG time. So many people here think we’re the best country in the world but we either attack other countries for their oil or make sure every man is NOT created equal if he happens to be a homosexual.

    btw, this general needs to take a peter-meter test of STFU. He obviously has issues and, just like every other homophobe, is trying to eradicate his own queerness by showing everyone just how much he hates homosexuals.

  • Darren

    Being gay doesn’t mean you cant keep it in your pants, over my life I have lived in school dorms, and military housing, lucky for me that the Royal Air Force accepts gays openly. I have had few problems concerning my sexuality, and those mostly came from people that I had to educate.

    During a recruiting and economic crisis I find it amazing that the US gov is kicking out gays that they have spent hundreds of thousands training. These people want nothing more than to live their lives openly and to serve their country with honour, honestly how do you expect other countries to respect the US as a democratic country founded on civil liberties if you treat your own people as second class citizens?

    Shame on you.

    At one time serving African Americans were segregated within the armed services, the reason for this… it would be detrimental to unit cohesion… it took time but the military got over it, in fifty years time dont ask dont tell will be considered a shameful era in US history.

    I am assuming Gen Conway has a family, he should ask himself what example he is setting, its very possible that his family has gay members that are afraid just because of a bigoted man, I thought marines were trained to adapt and overcome?

    Honestly who gives a crap who you sleep with when bullets are flying at you…

    One last question: how can you fight for freedom if you don’t believe in freedom?

  • B

    No. 11 · Darren wrote, “Honestly who gives a crap who you sleep with when bullets are flying at you…”

    …. the U.S. military doesn’t give a crap under those circumstances either: the number of discharges for being gay somehow drops significantly whenever a shooting war is going on: and .
    In particular, “Military May Defer Discharge of Gays,” San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 11, 1991. They wait until the shooting is over before kicking gays out.

  • blackjack44

    Hey Marine Chief General James Conway, go kill yourself. Thank you!

  • Jason

    Will we get our own drinking fountains, too?!

    I spent 8 years in the USMC.

    Never did I have a problem or an issue with being a homo.

    The good general is wrong, wrong wrong.

  • Jon

    That’s a great idea!

    Hey, while we’re at it, I think black people and mexican people should be separated into their own barracks as well. Damn dirty niggers and spicks thinking they can serve along white men…

    And separate the Jews too, nasty kikes.

    Y’know what? Let’s just get rid of anyone who isn’t a white, straight Christian man! That’ll teach those bastards who think they can serve and protect our great country!


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