separate but equal

Marine Chief Gen. James Conway Will Let You Fags Serve Openly If You’re Quarantined

We already knew Gen. James Conway, the Marine Corps Commandant, isn’t a big fan of this whole Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal thing. He thinks ending the policy would be “disruptive.” But if it must? Then the gays have to live in separate barracks.

Which means, what, gay couples can live together? Hurrah! (Also: Haha.)

Conway tells “I would not ask for our Marines to live with someone that is homosexual if we can possibly avoid it. And to me, that means we gotta build BEQs that have single rooms. … I think that, one, I would in this case want to reserve the right of a Marine who thinks he or she wouldn’t want to do that, okay, and again that’s the overwhelming number of people that said that they wouldn’t like to do so. We have chosen to do it as a Marine Corps because we think it is good for unit cohesion. If we believe it’s going to be adverse for unit cohesion, then why wouldn’t we join every other services’ standard, and say that, you know, under the previous regulations it was conducive, under the current regulations it’s got the potential to cause friction, so we’re going to demand the same standards as everybody else.”

Can we put in a request if we don’t want to live with a Jewish or Muslim soldier?