Mark Foley Has $1 Million To Spend Convincing West Palm Beach to Elect Him Mayor

Former D.C. sleaze Mark Foley, who Twitter stalks shirtless teenagers, needs to put up or shut up about his run for West Palm Beach mayor, intimate the cranky locals. Now a radio talk show host from which he can lure young men into the homosexual lifestyle, Foley has a month until the Dec. 27 to declare whether he’s gonna make a go of it. Would voters choose him on name recognition alone, despite his 2006 male page scandal that sent him packing from Congress? Who cares! Elections are never about the final result, but about the media spectacle before Election Day. And Foley still one one million dollars from his former days of running for federal office that he can spend becoming prince of one of Florida’s gay fiefdoms. [Palm Beach Post, Wonkette]