Disgraced Politico Reportedly Poking Around Hollywood

Mark Foley Staging A Comeback?

The Washington Post launched it’s new “Where Are They Now?” column by following up on everyone’s favorite Congressional page loving politico, Mark Foley.

Floridian Foley’s been keeping a low profile since last year’s disgraceful resignation, but rumor has it he’s hoping to break back into the national scene:

Foley has been paying visits recently to Beverly Hills, where he was spotted just last weekend. We figure he may be looking for a job in Hollywood. Because in addition to his cringingly ironic role as chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, Foley – until he resigned on Sept. 29, 2006 – also served as head of the Congressional Entertainment Industries Caucus. In that role, he cultivated lots of contacts in Hollywood.

We’re told Foley is quietly plotting a comeback in some form, political or not. “He’s talking about how to re-emerge publicly after the investigation is over,” a source close to Foley tells the Sleuth.

Foley’s press folk won’t officially comment on the former Represenatives plans until they sort through that nasty criminal investigation. The politico and his dermatologist boyfriend, however, are reportedly all over the Palm Beach social scene, which gives us one more reason never to go to Palm Beach.