Mark Moford: Anti-Gay Bigots Should Boycott Google, Sports Illustrated And NASCAR

Are you not furious, righteous Republican homophobe? I bet you are. I bet you’re dialing your angriest, most confused buds right this moment to write letters, post barely punctuated rants to the hate forums on Free Republic, call in to Rush to demand a Tea Party-wide boycott of every single one of these sicko companies.

I mean, you can’t really call yourself a true American, a real Christian and still openly wear Nikes or Levi’s, use Microsoft or Google, or watch Warner Brothers movies, can you? If you really walk your anti-gay talk, well, every one of these companies should be banned from your life, right?

Gay columnist Mark Moford in the San Francisco Chronicle delighting at all the companies bigots will have to boycott now that 70 U.S. corporations have expressed support for repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.

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