Marriage Equality Expanding Fast in New Mexico

So, you may have heard that things in New Mexico right now are kind of … weird. There are thirty-something counties in the state, and all of a sudden a couple of them have decided that marriage equality is legal, just like that. What’s going on?

Well, New Mexico is kind of an anomaly in that it never had an explicit ban on marriage. After a couple years of fiddling about the legislature, suddenly gay couples have discovered that lawsuits are a much more effective way to get married. A handful of judicial rulings (and some bold county clerks) are to thank for the state’s sudden marriage bonanza.

So we’re headed in the right direction, with a total of six counties now issuing licenses. But there’s still a lot of work to do: anti-gay lawmakers have filed suit to stop the weddings, and some county clerks are resisting the push towards equality. The state Supreme Court will probably have to step in to resolve all the questions about what exactly is and isn’t required by law. And they’ll be doing that … any minute now … probably.