Marriage-Equality Veto Gov. Chris Christie Says His Gay Friends Don’t Call Him Bigoted

An interview between Chris Christie and Piers Morgan will air on national television tonight at 8pm on CNN. The part that concerns his recent veto of gay marriage in New Jersey is already online.

“I know this is a very emotional issue and a very divisive issue in my state,” Christie tells CNN’s Piers Morgan. “The only way we have to amend our constitution in New Jersey—which is by referendum—let’s put it on the ballot and let’s let the people decide.”

Christie claims his belief that marriage is between one man and one woman comes from his Catholic faith and that he won’t ever “compromise my principles for politics.”

He said, “I would not compromise my principles for politics. You’re saying, will it become politically unpopular to have the position I’m having? If it does, so be it. I don’t compromise my principles for politics.”

Later in the interview, Morgan asks Christie if he takes flack from his gay friends about his position.

“Some, yeah,” says Christie. “We have a robust conversation about why I have the position I have and why they have the position they have.”

He goes on to say these gay friends don’t accuse him of being bigoted. Who are these gay friends of his and what is wrong with them?