Marriage Madness!

Speaking of blessings, it seems that the Massachusetts branch of the Episcopal Church will vote later in the month on whether or not they should use their holy power to bless marriages – that is all marriages.

In an effort to curb a complete schism within the Anglican denomination, a group of Boston based clergy have insisted that the Episcopal Churches follow in the footsteps of many European congregations and end marriage ceremonies all together. 365 Gay reports:

Many denominations in Europe have gotten out of the marriage business – allowing couples to have civil ceremonies and then if they want receiving a church blessing later. But in North America most couples opt for church weddings

To avoid a looming crisis over the issue a group of Boston priests is urging the diocese to leave marriage to civil authorities, questioning whether the church should continue to be “an agent of the state.”

Oh come on! They really want to deprive all people of an Episcopal wedding? Sure, we want gay people to get married, but we also want other people to get married, too. Aren’t these churches like 1000 years old or some shit? Even if they’re only 100 years old, that’s certainly old enough to know better.

But, we suppose it’s a nice thought, especially when you consider the church as “an agent of the state”. In that case, no church should marry people, ever. Can you imagine? People would go ape shit! We admit, it would be kind of fun to watch, though.

Meanwhile, the church will also vote on a potential ban of presiding over gay marriage in Massachusetts, where it’s federally legal. If that doesn’t pass, then they consider the third vote: whether or not the same rites used in staight marriages should be used in gay marriages.

These people need to get their shit together: they can’t decide if they want gay marriage, don’t want gay marriage, want any marriage, or think gay and straight weddings should follow the same rites. The Episcopal Church is fast on it’s way to becoming Sybil.