Married Gays Enjoy Traditional Comforts of Changing Their Last Names

I’m changing my name. My grandfather’s name was Goldberg. It’s almost like going back to my roots, in a way. I think it’s very interesting that women are becoming more liberated and keeping their names, whereas gay men are becoming more traditional and changing their names.

—Tim Scofield, who just married his partner Tim Gold, the furniture designer, in Des Moines (Lady Bunny DJ’d their reception), on changing his surname to “Gold.” [via]

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  • Daniel

    Tim (Scofield) Gold and his husband, Mitchell Gold. Not Tim and Tim Gold. Because that would be annoying. My oldest brother, Chris married a woman named Chris, It was confusing.

  • ron

    I read their story in the Times on Sunday……ugh! Nauseating! Somebody’s got a “daddy” issue……

  • Fitz

    We combined our names, many many many years ago, and became ‘hyphens’
    For ME (meaning not everyone needs this) it was important
    to let the old Fitz end, and the new, (married) Fitz begin.
    Both of us have professional licenses, so it was a serious decision on that level too. I am very glad that I did. Even if my hand cramps up when I sign my name.

  • TampaZeke

    This is particularly important when a couple has children. It gives the children as sense of belonging to both parents and vice-versa.


    I have a friend who to this day has some anger issues towards his parents for adopting the practice of the “hyphens”. Unfortnately for Jeremey his fathers name was Issatoll and his mothers was Dickson. The max number of charachters in our school systems spaces for charachters first and last in a name was 12. He was endured years of torture every time a new teacher would read the class rolls or a list was printed, because his parents really didn’t give much thought to the name merge which bestowed the unfortunate name on him as: ” Jeremey Issatolldick” :-p

  • Baxter

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: If you have a hyphenated name, what do you do when you get married? Just throw another hyphen on there? What if the person you’re marrying also has a hyphen?


    @Baxter: I gots no ideas, I was only relating story of a friend who got tagged with an unfortunate hypen situation……maybe a hyphen-hyphen??? :-p

  • Fitz

    @Baxter: There are several cultures which combine and hyphen names. Some latinos use both parent’s name, then create a new hyphen at marriage time with dad’s name and new spouse name. The point is, there are people who do this– this isn’t just a gay thing, or a 70’s thing, or a PC thing.. don’t be too egocentric that you can’t imagine that someone somewhere does things differently from you, yet manages to survive.

  • Paschal

    I have Argentine relatives who have double barreled names but don’t use hyphens. Their first surname is taken from their father while the second is taken from their mother. Wikipedia informs me that it’s custom in Spain and in most Latin American countries to take the first surname of one’s father and use it as one’s own first surname and to take the first surname of one’s mother and use it as one’s own second surname. It’s still based on male lines of ancestory. My Facebook name is double barreld and hyphenated with my mother’s name first. It sounds a bit upper class, however, nothing like myself. Own of them is French, perhaps the other own too, but both are incrediblt rare and weird so I might as well use both.

  • Forrest

    Gold Digger! ( the joke wrote itself)

    Best of luck to them, the Times profile showed they have subjects in common. In my experience though age chasm marriages don’t age well.

    I am sure the gold makes it more fun for Tim.

    I hope Mitchell got a prenup to protect his gold.

    Only prudent, my wealthy doctor sister loves her husband, who makes much less and had him sign on the dotted line to protect herself. You never know what may happen in the future. People change for good and bad.

  • partnersuche

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