Tough times

Matthew Rush breaks silence on drug arrest, fans worry over mugshot

This has not been Matthew Rush’s year.

In March, the former gay adult film star, real name Greg Grove, was picked up for assault and battery on his partner after punching him in the mouth, which Rush claims was in “self defense.”

It looked liked he’d caught a break when those charges were ultimately dropped, but then new charges were brought against him: felony methamphetamine possession.

His mugshot made its way online, causing fans to worry even more about his health:

The charges were brought by the Wilton Manors police department, and Rush faces up to five years in state prison if convicted.

As of Tuesday morning, Rush’s information has been taken off of the Boward County jail locator, suggesting he’s posted the $1,000 bond.

Then Rush popped up on Facebook, letting his friends and followers know he’s “in good health, and going to lay low.”

According to Str8upGayPorn (NSFW), Rush’s partner earlier this month filed an “ejectment complaint”, essentially an eviction notice, so it’s unclear where he’s laying low as he awaits trial.

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  • Kangol

    Very sad to see how far he’s fallen. I hope he can get professional help for the meth issue. So many gay and bi men think they can handle meth use, and it ends up destroying them.

    • droptopbm8

      Oh how the mighty have fallen?! Uh hmm porn star ?? doing drugs and has an arrest record lmfaooooooo shocking! I wasn’t aware being a porn star is pinnacle position in society!!! Bahaha I’m
      Screaming! SMH ????

    • Xzamilloh

      Droptop, what are you reading? Because I see something different from you, apparently.

  • RIGay

    Wow! Is it meth or is it lack of access to steroids?

    • Donston

      Probably a combo of both.

  • Bob LaBlah

    Since his bond was set at only $1k he must not have had a lot of it on him which is a good thing because if it goes to trial he is not facing a long sentence. Its sad because in all of his videos he always portrayed the strait laced guy-went-to-college types. Wow! Now I can only imagine the plate being passed around both before and after the camera started rolling. He looks an absolute mess. I do mean this is shocking.

    The fact that this person wants him out of the apartment/house and has to legally evict him sounds as though both of their names are on the lease because were it not Greg (Matthew) would have no legal argument to present once the sheriff arrived to throw him out. This is a classic case of what happens to those who don’t take notice that the world does not see them any longer as the god they were once upon a time built up to portray. Try all you want you will NEVER defeat father time regardless of whether you are a drug user or not. To all porn stars I say this: have a plan B in the works because the day will come when studios are going to tell you that you will not sell enough videos to justify paying you to be in their stable. Ok, then what do you do? Its just that simple folks.

    • MacAdvisor

      I don’t know where Gregg lives, but, in California and most other states, once one has established residency, that is, stayed longer than 30 days, one cannot be removed for trespassing by the local constabulary, one must be evicted. If one can show mail in one’s name is being received, one is registered to vote there, or other such indicia, one cannot be summarily removed.

  • TimberWolf

    There is no breaking silence in this other than an OK. breaking silence come to terms with your serious and fatal addiction to meth, seek help rehab. therapy. Jail is not the answer and it sad when addicts are put into prison that does not resolve the addiction but only makes a addict feral.

    True, studio’s portrayed him as the college jock. built muscular guy next door with his great warm friendly smile. One can be optimistic and hope that he finds that and turns his life around
    Always have a back up plan when in the modeling and acting field. Gregg Grove is still young and has what it takes to change and better his life.

    • Bob LaBlah

      “Gregg Grove is still young and has what it takes to change and better his life.”

      If he’s smart he will capitalize on what little popularity he has left and write a book about his life in porn like Bobby Blake did a few years back. I’m sure it will make interesting reading because he was only one of ten (at best) black models Falcon used in their vids. Considering Falcons targeted audience in his case we all know why but I won’t go there. I have always wondered about his upbringing because he fit the part he was suppose to portray very well. Young, educated well built interracial jock type who took care of himself. But in real life did he really? Was it ALL a fraud is what I am now wondering. He’s got a story that needs to be told and I do hope he tells it while he still has a few fans left that would pay to read about it.

  • jhon_siders

    He looks bad like the rednecks here on Meth !!! he’s wasted in that photo .

  • Mark

    Sad people begin experimenting with drugs get hooked; my motto don’t start them at all I never have…Also pornys are pretty odd birds I mean I would hope if I was in love with someone and they were in love with me we wouldn’t share ourselves with others…think about it he comes home from “work” had sex, kissing, rimming, etc. with 6 different guys says I’m tired while you are horny. That’s not love…my opinion may not be yours.

    • ChrisK

      If all you have in a relationship is the need for sex then you won’t be in said relationship for very long.

    • sf_italianboi

      so, all porn stars should be single? that doesn’t seem realistic

  • Geeker

    Sad but porn seems to lead to a bad end for everyone in the business.

    • DCguy

      Well remember, Fredrick Ecklund on Million Dollar Listing New York was in porn and is now doing very well. But to your point, he doesn’t seem to be the norm.

  • jjunke

    why do so many porn actors become such losers?

    • Donston

      They’re typically “losers” before entering the industry. No matter how broke, good-looking, big-dicked, sex-loving you are most stable-minded, content ego-ed people don’t go into porn and definitely don’t stick around in the industry for years. Many, if not most, of these dudes contend with at least one of these things before even entering the “industry”: low self-esteem, megalomaniac instincts, internalized homophobia, drug addictions or a general addictive personality. The mostly awful people that run “the industry” often just makes these things worse. And then when you wish to move on with your life it’s impossible to completely erase this career path. So, many just fall apart. There are of course exceptions.

    • BGinBigD

      Duh, because they are!

  • ChadManningTitan

    What basis do you make your accusation that Porn Stars are losers to begin with? Some of porn stars just did it for fun. Nothing to prove. I didn’t personally know Greg but I know my share of those guys and a lot of them are great people. It’s an industry based on looks so of course the guys have egos. And not all porn stars are the same. You have your big studio types and then you have your internet dudes. The big studio guys are the ones that make the big money. Greg, at one time, was one of the Studio guys. Someone mentioned that they could just imagine “passing the plate” before and after filming. Not the big studio guys. The studios are flat out against it. There’s no regulation on the internet guys and it would be easy to get your hands on drugs that way. But these guys are doing these internet films for $500 to$600 a pop. That’s a sign of low self esteem. I don’t believe Greg is still in the industry but regardless we should all be kind and wish the best for him. It looks like he needs it. But please don’t jump to conclusions about his life. He was a good guy and if he’s addicted then he’s sick. But being a Porn Star didn’t necessarily lead him to that path. His life is private and we shouldn’t pretend to know or understand his life.

    Be good to one another.

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