Mayoral Candidate Inspired By Kim Davis Vows To “Eradicate” Gays By Throwing Them All In Jail

kimdavisIf there’s one positive thing to say about Kim Davis — hold on, we’ve got to think about this for a second — oh, at least she’s sane enough to hold down employment, even if she’s not exactly up to the job.

But travel a few clicks down the crazy train, and some real winners start to come out of the woodwork.

Like Eugene Holmes, a mayoral candidate in a small Charlotte suburb who plans to jail all homosexuals if elected into office.

“In my administration I would do just like Mrs. Davis did in Kentucky,” Holmes said. “If you elect me, I’ll uphold the law of the state of North Carolina. I would get the D.A. to swear out a warrant on any man who says he’s gay. Sodomy is a crime, a felony in the state of North Carolina.”

He has a bizarre point — a whopping 12 states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books. Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Utah haven’t quite gotten around to cleaning house of the outdated bans.

Which is another story entirely. Representatives in Louisiana voted 66-27 in April 2014 to their sodomy ban in place.

But that’s more of a technicality — the Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence v. Texas in 2003 that it is unconstitutional to bar consensual sex between adults, calling it a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Holmes is a member of the Church of God and also the Promise Keepers, a men’s religious organization. So, internalized homophobia is a safe assumption.

“What’s wrong with eradicating homosexuals? We should jail them, throw them all in jail!” he told the King Mountain Herald.

And Holmes has been jailed plenty of times himself.

In March, he was arrested after he visited the Family Worship Center church in Kings Mountain and began yelling antigay hate speech.

When some people there told him they were gay, Holmes tried to make a citizen’s arrest.

In addition to his “jail all gays” position, the Herald reports he also wants to ban alcohol, divorce and all immigration to the U.S.

“The mayor doesn’t do much, in my eyes,” he told the Herald. “He just collects a paycheck. But (incumbent mayor Rick Murphrey) hasn’t had any competition in the other elections and I wanted to see what I could do. If I’m elected, it will be we the people who run the show.”

If ensuring he isn’t elected isn’t enough inspiration for Kings Mountain residents to get out and vote, we may all be doomed.

h/t: RawStory