McDonald’s ‘Mo Madness!

Yow, we don’t know how we missed this one, but considering this morning’s Taco Bell story, we think it’s worth passing on. Two former employees are suing McDonald’s after allegedly being harassed by the Tribeca, New York location’s manager. It seems the manager, a gent named Jose Irizzary and his assistant manager Joffrey Rodriguez repeatedly flirted and teased the boys, asking them to do a little nudie work. The esteemed New York Post reports:

The manager and his flamboyant assistant manager also discussed how they wanted the heterosexual boys to appear in a gay porn movie together, how “cute” they were, speculated about whether they dated men and leered at them, the Manhattan Supreme Court sex-harassment suit claims.

“This is obviously a feeding ground for these guys [the managers],” said Joseph Tacopina, the ex-employees’ lawyer. “These are young kids being preyed upon.”

We don’t know about this guy’s legal track record, but he’s a pun genius!

A McDonald’s spokesperson called the allegations “baseless”. Of course they did.

Also, with regard our earlier question on whether a corporation can be sued for an employee’s actions. A law student reader says he just studied this shit and yes, a business can get the shaft for a staffer’s shiftiness.