McDonald’s Trans-Bashing Victim Chrissy Polis Meets Her Guardian Angel

If it hadn’t been for Vicky Thoms’ bravery, Chrissy Polis might now permanently injured or dead. When 22-year-old Polis tried to use the women’s restroom at a Baltimore McDonald’s in April, she heard someone say, “That’s a dude, that’s a dude and she’s in the female bathroom” right before her attackers spit in her face and proceeded to kick and punch her until she had a seizure. The assaulters began dragging Polis out of the restaurant by the hair until Ms. Thoms intervened and they fled. Polis and Thoms recently reunited on TV to discuss the attack and its aftermath. Polis doesn’t like stepping outdoors these days and remains unemployed and uncertain whether or not her assailants will get charged with a hate crime.

Meanwhile, Joseline Pena-Melnyk the sponsor of Maryland’s contentious Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Bill (HB 235) has cited Polis’ attack in stressing the need for public accommodations protections for the state’s transgender, transsexual, and intersex citizens.

Via Towleroad

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  • Manny

    I’m sorry but if you have a dick you should no be using the female bathroom.

  • Epi

    @Manny: and you know she has a dick because?

  • Manny

    Most of them keep there dick.

  • missanthrope


    Manny, go eat shit and die.

  • Jurlesia

    @Manny How would you know? You can’t even spell “their” correctly. Do you personally know many transgender women? & are you implying that she got what she deserved with your comment?

  • Manny

    I’m telling the truth you should not be mad.Men should not be in the women bathroom

  • Holy Shit!

    Transwomen are not men. And seriously, for someone posting in a queer space, you seem awfully ignorant of and insensitive to queer issues.

  • bobo

    @manny: I’m sorry but if you don’t have a brain you should “no” be using a computer. I’m telling the truth you should not be mad. Idiots should not be on the internet.

  • Jeffree

    Let’s not make this about troll Manny.

    It’s about a trans woman and the woman who stepped in to help her when other onlookers did nothing. It’s about a woman who needed to use the restroom and got bashed; and the “little old lady” who very bravely tried to protect Ms. Polis.

    Stop a sec and ask yourself, what would you do if you witnessed someone being attacked like Polis was?

    Go further: what would you want others to do if you were in on the receiving end of such violence?

    I’ve answered those questions myself & my answers still aren’t what I want them to be. I have work to do on being fierce.
    — — — —
    @missanthrope: Glad to see you back ! I missed reading you !

  • Karen

    The news reporters did an excellent job with this report. Professional, sensitive. I wish all media were so good.

    Manny, you are indeed an ignorant hater. Your fingers are obviously more active than your brain.

  • 100%


    You are absolutely on point. Thank you for positively redirecting back to the issue at hand. Well said sir!! And the question does remain for all of us… “WHAT WOULD YOU DO??”

  • Chaq

    God Bless Vicky and Chrissy <3
    Two VERY brave and admirable women :)

  • Cam


    Oh please, you’re some bigot who is probably a friend of the two animals who committed this attack.

    The both need to be tried as adults and locked away in an adult prison for decades.

    The annoying fact is that they haven’t determined if this was a hate crime. I believe the fact that she was beaten BECAUSE she was trying to use the women’s bathroom while being a “DUDE” shows that this attack didn’t happen as part of a robbery, domestic dispute, or something else. She was attacked because of who she was, end of story.

  • James

    The question of what would you do is a good one.I’m not sure I would have stepped in I grew up in a bad area,stepping in could get you hurt.I had a family member killed when trying to break up a fight.

  • Manny

    You guys are crazy so it’s ok for a man to go to the female bathroom?Can I walk in there?Just because someone wants to be a woman doesn’t mean they are one.

  • Gio

    @Manny: She doesn’t you moron. she had surgery. like it matters. go crawl back under your rock. Usually I am not this crass, but you can’t seem to care who you insult, so I don’t really care. I am sure you will have a retort, but instead why don’t you try to think about how you would feel if someone beat you senselessly for who you are. Don’t think they ever would? Think again. There is every level of hate in this world. So I dare you you to really think, you might even learn something.

  • Adrian Acosta

    If anyone reading this is trans and has some anxiety about using a public rest room here is a site that might help you

    It includes gender free bathrooms or traditionally gendered single stall or locking bathrooms

    know your restrooms in your area or add ones that are not yet on the list.


  • Cam


    Manny, since you seem to be missing the issue and getting all bogged down here, let me ask you a question.

    Just what specifically do you think that this person was going to do in the women’s bathroom?

  • Randi

    to Manny;
    You know “most of them keep them” how? Is it from the websites you visit? I have trans gendered friends and let me tell you that part of their anatomy is the last thing they want to keep. You are correct, however, there are some that do keep that part for people that want to have sex with a man but pretend it is a woman. This is not the goal of a true trans gendered female. Unfortunately some of them cash in on the deviant males that want this type of sexual partner to make money to finish their transition.

    To the attorney general;
    You have to decide if this is a hate crime? I suggest the residents write a letter to the attorney general and ask him to remove his personal cranial impaction of his rectum and protect the residents he is being paid to protect.

  • Em


    i see you’ve been commenting on youtube aswel judging by your first comment. I think you have some issues. Maybe you have desires to dress up. either way, please shut up as your clearly very stupid.

    thank you
    Em x

  • Lorraine

    The most shocking revelation I was made aware of in watching some of the youtube NEWS videos and interviews on this horrendous incident – was that ONE of the Black women who instigated this brutal attack was charged with the same crime within a year earlier AT THIS SAME MCDONALDS !!!!! This woman is a BRUTAL PREDATOR. She IS the type of person we warn our children about – stalking a women’s bathroom and waiting to attack ANY woman/girl/child. She “herself” – is the furthest thing from a “lady” or “feminine”. Quite clearly, no one has anything to fear from Ms. Polis. She was going about her day as any “normal” woman would. Ms. Polis simply visited the restaurant as ANY ‘normal’ patron would and being a “normal” person, she used the restroom. Allegedly the boyfriend of one of the Black women either made a pass at Ms. Polis or was talking to Ms. Polis and “that” was the basis for the initial attack against Ms. Polis. Ms. Polis is young, petite, very feminine and attractive and apparently the boyfriend thought so TOO. Enraged by her boyfriend finding Ms. Polis MORE attractive and obviously MORE femine and MORE “womanlike”, she felt it necessary to DESTROY the more Beautiful-(aka JEALOUSY and INSECURITY). Rather than confronting the boyfriend about his own “possible” infidelity, this jealous-insecure “BEAST” is going to attack and destroy ANY woman (your sister, your daughter, your niece, your wife, your cousin) — for BEING more beautiful. This “BEAST” attacked Ms. Polis NOT KNOWING SHE WAS TG– It was only AFTER that INITIAL attack that they discovered she was TG and therefore they felt that it would be okay to beat Ms. Polis nearly to death. And for what? The alleged boyfriend in question was being “nice” and Ms. Polis was being “nice” in return. THAT IS NOT A CRIME. MS. POLIS WAS BEING “POLITE” – LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. The “BEASTS” in this nightmare both need to be locked up – PERIOD. This “BEAST” apparently stalks other women and ATTACKS them like a CRAZED RABID ANIMAL. And “crazed rabid animals” NEED TO BE LOCKED IN CAGES.

  • andy

    i think those 2 bitches were just pissed cuz they are fukin fat and ugly =(. You want people to leave you along b/c your black, and true you should not be judged b/c ur black… but y are u going around and judge others? i cant judge you b/c you are different..but u can eh? what kinda F’ing logic is that? … REMEMBER THIS, YOU DESERVE TO BE TREATED the way you TREAT OTHERS. IF you getting beat up by others in the future (i believe that would happen a lot, by your pimps perhaps), tell yourself that is what you deserved =)

    To manny: you said she should not be using woman’s restroom, but why not? she’s a woman, if she were a man those bitches can beat her up like that? not a chance. I didnt know people actually care about what others do in restroom. do you girls watch others pee? > < sicko

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