McGreevey Broke?

Poor Jim McGreevey. Or so he says.

The former New Jersey governor, who came out in 2004 and subsequently resigned, told a court yesterday that he can’t comply with wife Dina’s alimony requests because he’s got no dough:

[McGreevey] tried to convince the judge in his divorce case Wednesday that he’s too poor to pay alimony, saying he’s been financially crippled by his resignation and marital troubles.

Former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey said he has limited income and few assets, and is all but unemployable these days.

“I got my furnishings at a Huffman Koos going-out-of-business sale,” McGreevey said when asked to describe his belongings.

“Because of this case, I have been financially crippled,” he said.

He was expected to return to the stand Thursday morning.

Now an Episcopal seminary student, McGreevey, 50, said he owes a prior divorce lawyer at least $116,000 and has not paid his first ex-wife any child support this year. He said he relies on his boyfriend to pay legal bills and lifestyle expenses.

The former Governor also claims that he hasn’t made money his life mission and even turned down one million dollars for his memoir, The Confession. He allegedly signed a contract for much less.

McGreevey’s lawyer also claimed that Dina Matos-McGreevey, who’s suing her hubby for fraud because of his “secret” gay ways, doesn’t deserve more alimony because of her “emotional vendetta” against Jim. We were unaware any of these players had emotions.