McGreeveys Battle Over 3-Some Testimony

McGreevey divorce proceedings begin on May 6, but the drama’s already started.

Dina Matos-McGreevey and her lawyers are fighting former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey over “salacious” testimony from Teddy Pedersen, Mr. McGreevey’s campaign driver who claims he and the McGreeveys had a number of threesomes.

Dina denies the charges, insisting her husband simply wanted to get a piece of the post-Spitzer scandal spotlight. Mr. McGreevey, who stunned the nation when he came out in 2004, corroborated Pedersen’s allegations. And now Dina and Jim are duking it out over whether Pedersen should be allowed to testify.

Dina’s lawyers, of course, call Pedersen’s claims “far-fetched” and “irrelevant.” In fact, Pedersen may prove key in the hearings, because Dina accuses her estranged husband of “fraud” for staying in the closet, thus misleading the Mrs. If Pedersen testifies that the three of them got it on, well, Dina’s allegations crumble a bit. Mr. McGreevey’s lawyers know this and are asking Judge Karen Cassidy to allow the testimony.

Cassidy, who must have the patience of a saint, has yet to decide which way she’ll lean. Regardless of the outcome, we know this shit’s going to be an ugly, mudslinging, attention-whoring drama-rama.

But, with a couple like this, would you expect anything less?