Meanwhile, The Stonewall Inn Let Gay Bashing Suspect Christopher Orlando, 17, Into The Bar

Matthew Francis, 21, and Christopher Orlando, 17 (pictured, right), the Staten Island men accused of attacking Benjamin Carver (left) in The Stonewall Inn’s bathroom, are pointing the finger at each other in who’s to blame for Sunday’s gay bashing. That, and their defensive family members say Carver — who visited the bar with his boyfriend for the first time that night, because of its historic place in history — being gay had nothing to do with the assault, despite allegations the men asked Carver if he was gay and telling him, “Don’t pee next to me, faggot.” (Says Orlando’s father Don: “We don’t hate anyone here.” Francis’ girlfriend insists: “Where’s the hate? This is not a hate crime. He has a sister who is a lesbian.” Says the lesbian sister: “My brother isn’t the only one at fault here. There is a lot more to this story.”) Also: How did a 17-year-old get into Stonewall? While the suspects face hate crime and attempted robbery charges (for demanding cash from Carver, which precipitated the brawl), maybe Chi Chiz isn’t the only Christopher Street gay bar about to face problems with its liquor license. [photos: NYDN]

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  • Mike L.

    Sometimes homophobes have gay/lesbian relatives, just b/c they would not harm their relative for being gay/lesbian doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do so to some stranger who is.

  • jason

    Stonewall Inn needs to take responsibility for the type of clientele it allows to enter. Whether they’re bad types or underage, there is no excuse for it. It doesn’t cost much to hire a doorman and have him check ID’s etc.

    Get your act together, Stonewall Inn.

  • Kev C

    I live on Staten Island. These clowns ALWAYS lie when they are caught. Their family will lie for them. They’ll even pay people to tell lies in court. Next, Matt and Chris will be saying that they themselves are gay. Just watch.

  • TruthTeller

    Messy trouble-making gay closet-gay druggy drinking hustler types. The Village can get messy (but I’m not criticizing the Village or Stonewall specifically. Lots of bars and bar areas get this kind of messy nonsense).

  • TruthTeller

    But, yeah, don’t slack off on checking I.D.s, Stonewall! It’s always asking for trouble.

  • Theo

    Having a sister/brother who is gay, does not mean he/she is not a homophone. Christine O’Donnell is one obvious example.

  • merkin

    Ive had my ID checked at Stonewall. Its ridiculously easy for a kid to get a fake ID, especially when they look older, like this 17yr old does

  • Hyhybt

    Does the law in NY require you to be of age to *enter* a bar, or only to drink?

  • stephennyc

    it’s also telling that the kids were together in the bathroom. at minimum, it suggests that they were uptight about gay men and may have stuck together out of nervousness. but i suspect their intention was to lie in wait for a guy to enter by himself so they could assault or mug him.

    this probably won’t make it to the courtroom, and if it did the kids won’t testify. but if they did take the stand, i hope the assistant DA asks why they went to the bathroom together, if they make a habit of going with a friend, and whether they went to take a peek of each other’s dick. those staten island boys would definitely lose their cool and say something homophobic, which would support a showing of criminal intent.

  • Kev C

    @Hyhybt: I think it depends upon the bar. I’ve seen kids in sports bars, hotel bars, irish bars, hooters, bar and grills that also serve food. Just because it’s a gay bar doesn’t mean it can’t be family friendly.

  • Hyhybt

    @Kev C: So why, then, the suggestion that their liquor license would be in jeopardy (unless he was drinking, which has not, so far as I’ve seen, been reported)?

  • ewe

    Did the evil little brat that obviously can’t think for himself and must follow his equally stupid mentor get served an alcholic drink? I doubt it considering they had to insult, beat and attempt to rob a gay man. That says a lot about who the Stonewall Bar is serving and it is the same in countless bars across this country. I can walk into many a bar with a 5 year old and order them a coca cola. No problem from anyone and no threat of closure or loss of liquor license. It happens all the time all over the place. The bartender did not serve them a drink did he? This sounds like discrimination and a lousy attempt of a creepy attorney sidestepping and changing the subject. I guess if they can plant the seed that alcohol was the reason for the violent behavior, that somehow diminishes the penalty or compensates the alleged criminals in some twisted logic out here in the ether of heterosexual hegemony.

  • Tim W

    Please how many bars gay or straight have people on the door. Most you are carded when you order a drink. Let’s not be stupid about this. If they served him that’s a different matter.

  • hephaestion

    The bashing trash looks like he could be in his 20’s. What’s the big deal with letting him in? Of course, if they served him without ID that’s different. You should be able to bring a child into a bar so long as he’s not given alcohol.

  • MickJr

    Most of the gay bars in the village either have doormen in place or have the bartenders and barbacks pay attention to who comes in. Trouble comes down the street more often than you’d think.

  • Anonymous

    I work at Stonewall and was the first person the cops spoke to after arresting the two men. The 17 year old was picked up for having a fake ID which is how he got past the door, and he was not served while in the bar.

  • Hetero420

    Easy solution…… Don’t choose to be gay and you wont get beaten. Especially if my kids see your gay pda then i will beat you within an inch of your life

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