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Meet America’s Bigots (And Lawmakers) Spearheading Uganda’s “Death to Gays” Bill

We all know how outrageously terrible Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexual Bill of 2009 is. Aside from life imprisonment for gays, and the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality,” the bill calls for the anyone who knows A Gay but does not report him to face a three-year prison sentence. Oh, and the extradition of native Ugandans who dare venture elsewhere in the world to commit homosexuality. But despite their best intentions, Uganda’s lawmakers and executive branch leaders didn’t come up with this on their own. They had help from Americans. Which ones?

There’s Don Schmierer from the conversion therapy/”you can change” group Exodus International. There’s Caleb Lee Brundidge from International Healing Foundation, a similar group. And Scott Lively, president of the group Defend the Family. All three men traveled to Uganda, allegedly to voice their support for the bill and advise lawmakers how to pass it. But as Rachel Maddow, who recently jumped into the fray, explains: Schmierer insists he’s against the bill; Brundidge’s IHF denied knowing about the bill, and then said it “condemns … harsh punishment” against gays; and Lively says the law is too harsh, but its purpose is to fight back against Western folks homosexualizing Ugandans.

Well! Glad to have you gentlemen on board with “fighting” the bill. Just like The Family is doing.

Oh, and these American lawmakers.

Meet your stand-up elected officials (with ties to The Family): Sen. Tom Coburn, Rep. Bart Stupak, and Rep. Joe Pitts.

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  • terrwill

    Beyond Rage!! what can one say about these scumbags. One
    can only assume they are having wet dreams about their
    heartfelt desire to enact such legislation in the United
    States………The hate these scumbags toss our way is beyond
    the realm of comprehension. And every one of you who reads
    this thread should contact your representives and demand
    they work towards immediatley ceasing every penny of US aid
    we send to these sub human filthy ugandan savages to the tune

  • InExile


  • Ken

    This story literally made me weap. I can’t believe that a government can be so insensitive to its own citizens. This type of law is the stuff of horror films … could you imagine a day in the shoes of a gay Ugandan? The americian supporters… SICK!

  • Orpheus_lost

    There comes a time when it literally becomes “us” vs. “them” in matters of life and death. If this report is true and these people are honestly working to legalize the murder of homosexuals, then there would be every moral justification for defending our lives in any manner possible.

    These people can hate us all they want, but if they are trying to have us murdered we MUST defend ourselves.

  • sal(the original)


  • George Sfirri

    I am disgusted by this. The International Healing Foundation is a non profit which bars them from engaging in this type of political activity. Not knowing what I could do, I filed a complaint with the IRS regarding their tax exempt status.

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