Meet Maneesh K. Goyal: Possibly The Only Gay Finalist For “Entrepreneur of the Year”

Every year Entrepreneur Magazine selects an “Entrepreneur of the Year,” basically a big fry in the world of small business. This year’s five finalists includes Maneesh K. Goyal, the openly gay founder and president of MKG marketing. And while we typically hate marketers (get that flyer outta my face!), Goyal also has gay and community cred that might compel you to make him “Entrepreneur of the Year”… if he is the only gay finalist, that is.

Goyal helped found and lead Duke University’s gay alumni network for the past 4 years and is a 4-year Board member of the Empire State Pride Agenda, a New York LGBT rights organization. Apart from that, he has also established a gay entrepreneurs breakfast group in NYC that connects small business owners in the city. Apart from being uber-gay, he also requires all his employees to spend five paid volunteer days and an annual fund on their favorite non-profit.

We took a look at Entrepreneur’s other finalists and came up with these best guesses as to their sexuality:

Ben Lerer – Mr. Lerer is cute, wears collared shirts, and drinks on the job (fun), but he also wears a wedding ring and runs a website dedicated to “deliver really awesome stuff for dudes.” Ahhh, straight.

– Scott Kluth – Kluth’s site is basically a place where extreme coupon-clippers and cheapskates can enjoy five dollar discount at Home Depot while donating to charities. He’s nice, but his company’s promotional video features lots of piano music and typing—waaaay too boring to be made by a gay man.

– Lee Rhodes – glassybaby: Rhodes set up a business with the best name ever. Glassybaby??! What the eff is that? Umm, its a business that sells glass art and gives the proceeds to cancer patients, you jerk. But she’s got three kids so even though Rhodes’ business is totally heartwarming, she’s also not a lesbo.

– Justin Gold – Justin’s Nut Butter: With a name like Justin’s Nut Butter we so wanted Mr. Gold to be gay. But because the vegetarian businessman makes sustainable peanut butter, he strikes us as a long-haired, crunchy, granola type who’s probably a vag-itarian. As well.

Yep, Goyal’s probably the only gay one. So go and vote for him if you wanna a big ‘mo on their magazine cover.