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Meet the new queer clothing line that celebrates all bodies and backgrounds

Jordan Star

According to Jordan Star’s Hinge profile, his personal brand is “somewhere between nice Jewish boy and old Jewish Grandma.” And he’s not just saying it.

Back in the days of going out to gay bars and clubs (lol remember when…), his way of showing someone he was interested might have looked something like going up to them, pinching their cheeks, and telling them how much of a shayna punim (beautiful face) they have.

He credits this (in part) to a deep admiration for his Jewish roots, and love for his family and grandparents. He told us this appreciation grew even stronger during the pandemic, during which he lost two grandparents.

“Older generations have inspired and protected me my whole life, and I couldn’t help but feel strikingly helpless to protect them during the pandemic,” Star said, adding, “Realistically I know that I can’t always protect them, or our culture that has been deeply vulnerable before COVID and even more so after, but I realized that what I could do is celebrate them, and shine a spotlight on those who are often overlooked.”

That’s why he recently launched a new clothing line – bubulehwhich pays homage to his family and history with clothing that is “handmade with a lot of love and just a little anxiety.”

He hopes that his new clothing will bring a little bit of warmth to people everywhere. Though the brand is inspired by his family, Jewish roots, and queer identity, he’s designed it to be for everyone–not just for people who fit a certain mold.

That’s why sizing ranges from XS to 5XL, with Star sharing that, “One of the problems in the LGBTQ community that has always disheartened me, especially among gay men, is the value we place on certain types of bodies and the corresponding antagonism, and erasure, that befalls others.” He hopes to help change that.

The first bubuleh products are now available for pre-order online, and we encourage you to go check them out.

You can follow along with Star’s new brand on both Facebook and Instagram, or contact him directly ([email protected]).