MEPs Blast Hungary On Gay Attacks

Hungary’s under fire after last weekend’s deplorable gay pride attacks.

Those attacks, sparked by right wing extremists, garnered ire from the European Parliament’s gay intergroup, who have pledged to bring Hungary before the European Commission.

While most governments would simply claim they couldn’t control the masses, Hungarian state secretary yesterday admitted that the secret service knew who would instigate the attacks, yet did nothing to protect their gay citizens. Nice!

Meanwhile, Hungarian Member of European Parliament Katalin Lévai, whose car was attacked during the near riot, also vowed to right the right’s wrongs…

Said Lévai:

It is unacceptable in our democracies that microscopic groups of the extreme right may threaten and attack an important minority while it practices the universal right to freedom.

We must step up against groups advocating hatred and violence.

I will continue to work hard in order to stop the spread of radicalism in Hungary – and in Europe.

Now, if only the rest of the Hungarian politicians were so supportive. Maybe the EU should, you know, do something!