MEPs Blast Hungary On Gay Attacks

Hungary’s under fire after last weekend’s deplorable gay pride attacks.

Those attacks, sparked by right wing extremists, garnered ire from the European Parliament’s gay intergroup, who have pledged to bring Hungary before the European Commission.

While most governments would simply claim they couldn’t control the masses, Hungarian state secretary yesterday admitted that the secret service knew who would instigate the attacks, yet did nothing to protect their gay citizens. Nice!

Meanwhile, Hungarian Member of European Parliament Katalin Lévai, whose car was attacked during the near riot, also vowed to right the right’s wrongs…

Said Lévai:

It is unacceptable in our democracies that microscopic groups of the extreme right may threaten and attack an important minority while it practices the universal right to freedom.

We must step up against groups advocating hatred and violence.

I will continue to work hard in order to stop the spread of radicalism in Hungary – and in Europe.

Now, if only the rest of the Hungarian politicians were so supportive. Maybe the EU should, you know, do something!

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  • blake

    Somewhere, there’s a hateful man named Church-Nazi who’s shocked that a European government could allow anti-gay violence. What’s a white supremacist like Church-Nazi supposed to do? Oh, that’s right. Facts are to be ignored. Bigotry and ignorance are his to be embraced. Maybe he can find solace in the arms of a racist, gay Republican robot named CPVR, or is it RPvC? R2D2. Whir, spin, beep! I’m sure it’ll be passion forged in the digital hate.

    In all seriousness, heads should roll in the Hungarian secret service for not stopping the attack. It’s a clear example of domestic terrorism.

  • l

    Insert pre-emptive non-sequitur here.


    Thank you Ms. Lévai we certainly hope that is the case. We don’t want Hungary to become not even One Ioda like any run of the mill African or black populated Caribbean nation do we?

    “heads should roll in the Hungarian secret service for not stopping the attack. It’s a clear example of domestic terrorism.”

    For once you hateful schmuck we can agree completely on something.

  • blake


    You call me a “hateful” schmuck? Look at your hateful words about blacks in your current post. You have no problem slandering over a billion human beings because they look different from you. Once again, you attribute moral behavior to genetics based on disproved racist stereotypes.

    I don’t hate you. You’re just another ignorant, racist jerk whose mind was poisoned. You need your hatred of others to make yourself feel better. Isn’t this the same kind of thinking that the Nazis used to justify their oppression and eventual murder of those whom they declared different?

    Science has sliced and diced your arguments. There is only the human race. All so-called races are social constructs built on politics, religion, and a false understanding of environmental adaptations for survival.

    Trying to make statements about Africans based on your false understanding of genetics is particularly laughably pathetic since science continues to show that Africans are the most genetically diverse population on earth. Thus, imposing any of your belief on such a large number of people with extensive genetic heterogeneity continues to show deliberate ignorance.

    But facts, as I’ve said previously, matter not to you. Church-Nazi, as someone who writes about being treated as a second class citizen because you are gay, you have shown a zeal for treating others as less human than you.

    As much as I would like to ignore you, eviscerating your feeble attempts at justifying racism is too important. I would want others to fight homophobia regardless of their heterosexuality. Therefore, countering your dimwitted comments are worth 5 or 10 minutes of my day.

    I think Hungary is like many European-led countries. The homophobic treatment of gays by the leaders of Russia, Romania, and Poland have been more than happy to encourage hatred and turn a blind eye to violence. The European nation of Moldova recently saw violent attacks of gays by police forces.

    Of course, we could look at Iran, a country that executes teenagers for alleged gay behavior. We could also look to the Michigan jury that freed a young white male who murdered an older gay Arab man. But, how many times have American juries freed murderers of gay, lesbians, and trans-sexuals because of prejudice? Too many to count.

    I don’t think that the parents of Matthew Shepard, Lawrence King, Michael Sandy, Brandon Teena, or Gwen Arujo feel grateful that their children were slaughtered by white males. Their loved one are dead because of senseless bigotry similar to the kind you espouse.

    Finally, how do you act in the real world, Church-Nazi? What words and deeds reflect your hatred? Have you hurt someone because that person is different than you? What pain and destruction have you inflicted? Psychic, physical, social, economic?

    The way the word is “iota” not “ioda.” ;-)

  • vvv

    screw the queer lovers they should do somthing aabout all yhe Hungarian attacks in the occupied lands soverign natios cant be sued bitch

  • sziv

    Thanks for your coverage of what happened at Budapest LGBT Pride this year.

    Readers might also be interested in knowing that the violence which occurred was organized through a website ran by the ultra-right wing Hungarian Nazi Party, It called for violent actions against the LGBT community and had a countdown of the hours until the Budapest LGBT Pride Parade.

    This website was hosted by first one, and then another, Texas based Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and via To their credit once they became aware that the content crossed the line from Freedom of Speech to promoting harm to individuals and resulted in two fire-bombings of LGBT businesses where people were hurt – and that Pride Organizers’ home addresses, phone numbers and photos had been posted with calls for violence, they took the website offline.

    Now has launched a Freedom of Speech campaign to raise funds and re-establish its attacks on the LGBT community via the internet. Supporters of the ISPs not allowing the perpetration of hate crimes on their servers are encouraged to write letters of appreciation to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

    On a positive note, the LGBT community in Budapest is launching a brilliant response to the attacks by bringing together a broad based coalition of Civil Organizations to come together in a public demonstration to call for an end to this violence in Hungary. If you would like to support their efforts, donations can be made via PayPal at

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