Michael Biserta’s Fifteen Minutes Keep Growing


Scandalous New York fire fighter Michael Biserta’s “fame” just keeps growing. The massively hung hero just released his much anticipated solo calendar.

In celebration of this monstrously exciting event, Trey Cruz whipped out his journalistic “skills” for an in-depth interview with Biserta. Preemptive [sic], of course:

Trey: Damn that’s too bad. You know you’ll get twice the action if you go bisexual right? LOL. After that whole “scandal” has your reputation with the fire department, and your community in general change?

Michael: I see myself getting looks sometimes, but my family and firehouse have been very supportive. I don’t think many people think i did anything wrong. The firehouse is a tough place… but something like that! Come on, what are they going to say “wow you have a big dick” HAHAHA. No!

Trey: You’re so clean shaven and that’s really hot. Do you shave often? Also, are you currently taken?

Michael: haha no i dont shave my legs or chest..im just pretty hairless…lucky i guess…i do shave my arms on occasions if you want to include that..i have a wonderful girlriend names danielle and our sex life is amazing.

Trey: Wow, that’s nice of you. Do you have any gay friends?

Michael: ummmm i think so…don’t think it’s out in the open yet but we’re all pretty sure of it…he’s a great kid though and i consider him a great friend.

Hard hitting.

Speaking of hard – look at some of these shots from Biserta’s calendar…