Michael Bloomberg Is Running for NYC Mayor Again. And He Wants the Gay Vote

Maybe you’ve heard Michael Bloomberg finagled his way into running for a third term as New York City’s mayor? Free of some of the scandals of other mayors of major cities, Bloomberg and his minions are blowing his cash on all cylinders, and that includes the gays.

Bloomberg’s gay outreach department wanted “you to see this great list below of folks that endorsed the Mayor today! Several names I’m sure your readers will recognize, like Tim Gunn, Dustin Lance Black, Cherry Jones, Isaac Mizrahi, and more.” Yes, famous persons endorse Bloomberg! Also, the locals!

We share this with you not because we give much weight to who celebrities are voting for, but to make record of the mayor’s campaign outreach to the gay community. And more importantly, to showcase whether Bloomberg’s words or actions speak louder.

From City Hall, Bloomberg has been demanding marriage equality, he’s supported counting same-sex couples in the U.S. census, and he’s used whatever political clout he has to lobby Albany to meet Gov. David Paterson’s demand for same-sex marriage in New York. He also reluctantly backed a legal challenge to same-sex marriages with a severe “but”: If courts ruled against it, he would lobby state legislators to change the law. Which he’s doing.

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  • CHIP

    Obama’s DOJ brief response should have taken a page from how Bloomberg handled his same-sex marriage legal issues!

  • Tonyboy

    No way!!! This is a guy who thinks he is king. He spit on what the people wanted and wormed his way into running for a 3rd term. So much for democracy. I won’t vote for him and I won’t for Christine Quinn who is in his back pocket.

  • ggreen

    The rich controlling the poor and working class. That is the way god meant it to be. NYC must be just like heaven.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    The Mayor used tax dollars to pay for a new stadium for the richest sports franchise ever. This man represents the increasing corporate takeover of big city government, and the decreasing influence of regular folks.

  • Michael

    I think that Bloomberg needs to address the long out of date figures that make up the city’s rent support for people living with HIV/AIDS. Now, the PWA person needing assistance is allowed to keep only $330 a month from their social security checks to pay for food (supplemented by food stamps), con-ed, telephone, cable, paper products, laundry, over the counter drugs, or the million other incidental things that cost money that come up during a month. This formula was established in 1986 and has not changed one penny since then. Every year a cost of living increase is added to your Social Security and the same amount is reduced in your support allotment from the city making a cost of living increase non-existent. Basic costs have risen in great leaps and bounds since then. People living with the virus need to keep stress at a minimum and nothing causes more stress than money issues, like not being able to eat by the end of the month because you are out of funds. This needs to change as it is long overdue.This is a much needed and fundamentally fair thing to ask. Without this change stated as a part of the platform, I will not support Bloomberg or an extension of term limits. Often the gay community as a whole is forgotten PWAs and their issues.

  • Mike

    He’s got my vote. And I’ll be at his Gay Pride BBQ on Tuesday

  • MCnNYC

    Bloomberg PAYS for hacks like Socaredes support….come on….Bloomberg is not a mayor for the people let along the LGBT community…except that he gave his lesbian handmaiden Christine Quinn another four years on the council!

  • Captain Freedom

    Bloomberg should be running against Obama in 2012!

    I’m getting sick of this ultra-liberal “we must back the Democrats or else” crap. You have the Christian Race party on the right. The mobster-unions-who-vote-in-unison Democrats… but now we have a pragmatic gay ally who will run our government like a centrist and who will move gay rights AWAY FROM THE LEFT AND TO THE CENTER WHICH IS WHAT WE WANT!

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