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Michael Buble Reveals The Personal Reason He’s An Advocate For LGBT Equality

photo-credit-warwick-saint-extralarge_1361301956669I grew up in a family that was full of love. My uncle Mike has been with my uncle Frank, they’ve been a couple for, 35 years. So when I grew up my mom and dad, in no uncertain terms, said you know Michael, a man can be in love with a man and a woman can be in love with a woman, and there’s no difference between people that are gay or straight They’re born that way. It’s not something that can be learned or unlearned, or it’s not a phase or anything like that. This is something that you are born with. And so I grew up, never seeing a difference between gay and straight people. Also, I grew up in Vancouver, that has one of the biggest gay communities, so of course, growing up in music and theatre all my friends, or most of my friends were gay or bi. This was something that was just normal for me. The thing is, what really got to me Thomas, was that, I lived in this bubble, where because I came from this city that was completely tolerant and understanding, I thought that’s just how it was. And I moved to L.A. and it was the same way. People were very open about it and proud. But I started to realize that it wasn’t like that man. In a lot of places, a lot of small cities and towns, people did not have that same understanding. And I felt like it wasn’t just the job or the responsibility of gay or lesbian people to stand up for each other. It’s a responsibility of straight people. It’s a responsibility of all of us, we’re human beings, we’re all the same. There’s just no room for this man. I think it’s gotta start in the home. It’s gotta start with parents talking to their kids and explaining to them that it’s ok, and that they can stand up for their friends, and that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. That that’s life, you know. The truth is, Thomas, kids don’t grow up with hate. They don’t know hate. They’re taught hate and we just need to educate them.”


— Crooner  Michael Buble in a 2010 interview with Matthew’s Place that’s being circulated again this week

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  • Desert Boy

    Good for him!!!

  • Sweet Boy

    Canadian boy….Go Canada !!!

  • SteveDenver

    Michael is great, but I adore his parents and salute them. They have done a great service to their son and everyone whose life is touched by his kindness and understanding.

  • ChrisGMN

    He is goin to H – E – Double – Toothpicks!

  • GayEGO

    Right on! It is great to see a straight person understand the facts of life and to dismiss the negative hoopla and support the LGBTs as well as straights.

  • yaletownman

    My hubby and I moved to Vancouver from Nashville ten years ago. It was the most positive experience of my life. It took a while to get used to the fact that being LGBT is seen as completely normal by the vast majority. When we married and my husband returned to his job from our honeymoon he was met with a huge party that his company threw to celebrate. I’d received a call from his boss beforehand because they wanted to make sure the present they got us was kick ass and it was. It’s an amazing experience to live in a place where folks get just as excited and happy for you as a gay person as they would anyone else. We moved back to the states a few years ago and things are definitely better than when we lived here before (we chose San Francisco because after Vancouver we realized we never could go back to an intolerant society ever again.

  • jwtraveler

    That’s nice.

  • rickyboi7

    AMEN Michael, nice to here positive comments such as yours!

  • rickyboi7

    And YEA, we are born this way. And you sing kinda awesome.

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