Michael Fassbender And James McAvoy React To Erotic Fanfic Inspired By Them

Michael-Fassbender-and-James-McAvoy-gay-fanficLike every other fantasy couple wished into existence by the unrelenting tweens of Tumblr, actors Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy are honored to be the kind of honorary couple that inspire countless erotic works of art.

On Friday, the X-Men: Days of Future Past stars were treated to some racy illustrations and steamy fanfic detailing their erotic relationship on The Graham Norton Show. Watch below as the newly anointed celebrity couple react to photos of themselves swapping cherries and getting a little handsy in the kitchen.

Spoiler alert: James McAvoy reveals he’s a top. Swoon.

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  • erikwm

    That was funny! British television is way funnier than American television, apparently. Also, British celebrities are much less homophobic. You wouldn’t see a segment like that here.

  • carey579

    ^ Joan Rivers said the British are way more intelligent than the Americans and it’s so obvious!

    Not that every single British is more intelligent than every American in general – the Brits are way more intelligent/witty/charming/funny and they ‘get it’.

    That’s why you look around YouTube videos – the Brits celebs have so much fun and YouTube sensations are mostly British – well the witty ones anyway.

  • Mikah

    They’d make a sexy couple.

  • john.k

    Can I be pedantic and point out that, although that is from BBC, there is only one Briton in the clip – James McAvoy, who is Scottish. Michael Fassbender is German/Irish and grew up in Ireland. Graham Norton is Irish. The other guest on the sofa is Hugh Jackman who is Australian.

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