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Michael Lucas is Hella Pissed the New York Times Canceled On Him


Back from making gay porn in Israel, and just in time to defend certain Oscar-winner screenwriters, Michael Lucas found another figure to be furious with: a New York Times reporter.

What beef could Lucas possibly have with Times style scribe Guy Trebay?

More than a year and a half ago Trebay, who recently wrote about the president’s collegiate style, asked Lucas if he could sneak a peek inside the porn producer’s closet for a possible story. Lucas agreed, and they set March 30, 2008, as the day Trebay would come by for a look. Except as Lucas tells it, two hours before the shoot he learned his mother died, so he canceled the interview, as any normal person would, and Trebay agreed to reschedule.


Fast forward to now, and Lucas still hasn’t scored his Times fashion piece. And he is pissed! And he thinks Trebay — who is sometimes just plain awesome — is just brushing him off!

In an email to the Times writer, Lucas says, “Unfortunately, as you know, [the interview] fell on the day that my mother passed. Do I really have to apologize or pay the price for canceling? … At some point, several months ago, you sent me an email stating that the ‘moment was lost’. A line which I am still trying to understand. What type of moment was lost?”

We can understand why Lucas is upset. A missed opportunity for a lauding fashion profile in the Times is, well, something to be disappointed about. But there are other factors at work here, and some of them — surprise of all surprises — may not center around Lucas. Like, say, the Times‘ editorial schedule and direction! Maybe the newspaper isn’t interested in the fashion choices of a porn star any longer? Maybe they think Lucas’ fashion is now outdated?

None of that matters to Lucas, who tells Trebay: “I find the entire situation to be so heartless and rude. It simply is despicable, disgraceful, and in very poor taste. Also, it is incredibly inhuman and low class to simply erase the entire interview because of such a tragedy that one has to go through.”

We’re just guessing here, but it’s unlikely Trebay scrapped the project because Lucas’ mother died. He had a timetable to do a story like this, it passed, and now he and the paper have moved on to other things. These things happen. All the time. Guests get bumped from morning shows because of breaking news events. Magazine pieces get canceled because of scheduling conflicts. And yes, even that liberal Gay Lady must sometimes cancel interviews.

But none of that should keep you from enjoying the back-and-forth antics between Lucas and Trebay. So we’ve reprinted it all on the next page!

UPDATE: It appears the Times‘ Trebay has been hitting up Lucas’ company for free gay porn DVDs … to “review.”