Michael Lucas Says Johnny Weir Is The Kind Of Gay Russians Love

Lucas-Weir-comboRussians love Johnny Weir. He’s their kind of gay: Liberace of the ice. He’s the ‘fabulous’ gay, the mascot, the gay who knows his place and stays in it. (Weir waited until publishing a memoir in 2011 to admit that he was gay at all, which everyone already knew.) The Russians don’t mind token flamers like Weir; what scares them are everyday people who happen to be gay. They’re scared of homosexuality becoming normal, not staying outrageous like Weir. That’s what the “gay propaganda” law is all about…The Russians love Weir, so Weir loves the Russians. He’s like a sad high-school figure: the cheerleader for the same team of jocks that would beat him up if he weren’t also doing their homework for them.”


— Adult film producer/activist Michael Lucas writing about Weir’s refusal to participate in a boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympics in an op/ed he contributed to Out