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    Bravo Michael! Yet another year end dragpectualar!

    And the douchefags at Queerty may learn a thing from Michael. He has been a fairly prominent writer for decades now. Over the years I have contacted him to seek further info on something that may have piqued my interest. Each and every time he responded personally……Unlike the non responsive Queerty fuck the posters staff…………

  • dellisonly

    Please do not pretend this is the first or last time Michael Musto has done this. As a serious, and well respected writer, the year end column is the only time he puts on hair and lets it down. It’s all meant to be satirical and in good fun.

  • ewe

    At least i don’t see her bicycling around singing to herself in the winter months.

  • ewe

    I should have held my tongue because he does write some good things and he is by no means an enemy.

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