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Michael Patrick King Doesn’t Know Why Gay Men Like Sex and the City More Than Straights

When I’m asked that, and I’m going to call it ‘antique’ question, about ‘are these gay men, are gay men liking these characters, why, because of the style?’…I always said that the reason that Sex & the City actually became present in people’s minds is it was a voice that needed to be heard, and at that time it was the single girl as leper, the outsider, anyone who wasn’t married after 30 when society told them they should be married. So, I think anyone who’s ever been an outsider—whether it be due to your sexual orientation or your anything, your gender, your race, your anything, these four girls have moved through the world trying to claim themselves…If gay men, women, children, animals, like this movie, I think it’s ’cause of this story about looking for love, maybe with someone else, but of course mostly looking for a love of yourself…I don’t really think that gay men are drawn to this any more than anyone who likes a good story.

—Director Michael Patrick King on whether Sex and the City uniquely appeals to gay men [via]

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  • scott ny'er

    I didn’t have cable when SATC was on but my coworkers would tape it and watch it at lunch in the conference room. I was invited but was always like, whatever, I’m not into that. Later on, my friend lent me the DVD and I came to realize how funny, sharp and creative the writing was. And how SATC was really about finding love and I dug that.

    I still watch the reruns, laugh a lot and think how great the writing is. That’s why I watch it. I also loved Alias (1st season), Wonderwalls, etc. I don’t think people can be pigeon-holed.

    Btw, it was only later, after Devil Wears Prada, did I sometimes pay attention to SATC’s clothes. I still don’t notice the shoes.

  • C.Edwards

    Gay men like “Sex and the City” because it’s about four careerist childless urbanites who have formed an alternative family. They have disposal income, sex with many multiples of partners and orgasm everytime they have sex.

    This description probably fits gay men a lot better than it does straight women.

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