Michael Phelps’ Alleged Intersex Lover Attempts Suicide After Learning Of His Engagement

10407728_734322393310856_236258708140292543_nHey, remember Taylor Chandler?

Didn’t think so.

In case you need a refresher, she’s the intersex woman who claimed to have engaged in a torrid love affair with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps last November.

According to Chandler, she and Phelps initially connected on Tinder back in September 2014. She says she did not tell him she was intersex before they hooked up together.

“One thing led to the next,” she said, “and we made love during halftime. Later, we had sex again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.”

After going public with her story, Chandler teamed up with Vivid Entertainment to shoot a porno called Going For The Gold in which she fooled around with a Michael Phelps lookalike.

Now, about a month after Going For The Gold was released, it seems the 41-year-old entrepreneur has tried to kill herself.

It all start earlier this week, Howard Stern referred to Chandler as “some guy” on his show, prompting Chandler to launch into a angry tirade on Facebook.

“Shame on Howard Stern for perpetuating hate!” she wrote on Wednesday. “This is 2015 where addressing someone as ‘dude’ ‘he/she’ and ‘gross’ is unacceptable. It’s the same hate that fueled society to not want to believe that Michael could like me, be attracted to me, care for me, and want to be with me!”

Things only got worse after that. Because hours later, Phelps announced he was engaged to his long-time girlfriend, beauty queen Nicole Johnson.

Evidently, this was too much for Chandler to handle. Last night, she wrote the following cryptic tweet:

Then this morning, someone posted to her Twitter page that she tried to kill herself last night:

A similar message was posted to her Facebook page:

No further details were given.

In all seriousness, we hope Chandler is alright and gets the help she clearly needs.

As for Phelps, he has not responded to any of the rumors involving his alleged tryst with Chandler.

UPDATE: The following message was posted to Chandler’s Facebook page this afternoon with an update on her condition: