Democrat Doesn't Meet Debate Requirements

Mike Gravel Too Poor For MSNBC

Are we having a flashback?

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel – one of the only candidates to support gay marriage – has not been invited to MSNBC’s forthcoming presidential debate. Why? His bank account’s not big enough.

In a move reminiscent of HRC’s failed attempt to restrain Gravel, MSNBC says Gravel’s simply not worth their time.

Read NBC director of campaigns Chuck Todd’s explanation, after the jump…


Thanks for your emails about the recent decision not to include former Sen. Mike Gravel at the next MSNBC debate. As you may already know, no network has given Gravel more of an opportunity to get his message across than NBC and its affiliates. But with the election season beginning in just 73 days, and more candidates (135 alone on the Dem side) trying to get into our debates, we believed it was necessary to have some minimum standards.

Leaders and activists from both parties believe our requirements are very fair. Unfortunately, Gravel did not meet those requirements. The standards we used included measuring the amount of time the senator spent campaigning, as well as poll standing and financial resources.

Sure, Gravel’s not going to win this thing, but he always keeps things so interesting!