Mike Jones On Thin Ice

Mike Jones had better watch out. It seems the sex worker turned Ted Haggard turncoat’s (pictured) pissed off a few of his street walking peers. Our homies over at Proceed at Your Own Risk just sent us this link detailing how a “well-respected” male escort by the name of Benjamin Nichols (aka Nicholas) has come out against Mike Jones and his rat ways. Apparently he’s displeased with how Jones broke the ancient hooker discretionary code.

I hope that Jones feels great shame in knowing he’s ruined someone else’s life, while confirming the worst stereotypes about male sex workers: that we’re a bunch of drug-dealing whores. The vast majority of us are no such thing, of course, but it will be harder to convince people of that now. So thanks for nothing, Mike. Now, in your quest to achieve secular sainthood, maybe you can adopt a Namibian child, help Al Gore save the planet, or find a cure for HIV.

Sheesh, sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the John.

Also, we don’t really understand the logic: Nicholas’s condemning Jones for ruining someone’s life and perpetuating negative stereotypes, but then urges him to save the world and cure HIV? Those sound like pretty good things to us. So, Nicholas has either confused some issues or may be the biggest super-villain in history.