Mike Pence Blames The Media For Backlash, Says He’s Not A Homophobe But Protecting Gays Isn’t “On His Agenda”

abc_tw_pence_150329a1-800x430Did you hear that? It was the sound of Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s political future officially going up in flames.

In a hastily called press conference this morning, Pence once again addressed the homophobic “religious freedom” bill that he secretly signed into law last Thursday. And, once again, he made a complete ass of himself.

Pence opened by saying he was calling the press conference because “we’ve got a perception problem.” Then he blamed the national media for making “deeply offensive” criticisms against Indiana that have done longterm damage to the state’s reputation.

That’s right, the homophobic Republican lawmakers in Indiana who are drunk on supermajority power aren’t to blame. It’s all the national lamestream media’s fault.

Since Pence signed the law five days ago, he has faced an onslaught of negative criticism from business executives, corporations, non-profits, politicians, state employees, celebrities, and civil rights groups accusing him of supporting discrimination against gays and lesbians.

“This law does not give anyone the right to discriminate,” Pence clarified at today’s press conference. “This law does not give anyone the right to deny services.”

The only problem? The bill does allow businesses the right to deny services to people. Pence either didn’t read it closely enough or he’s lying through his veneers.

To prove he’s serious about fixing this “perception problem,” Pence then called on lawmakers to amend the law, saying he wanted new legislation on his desk by the end of the week.

When asked whether Christian businesses should be obligated to serve gay and lesbian patrons, Pence replied, “I don’t support discrimination against gays and lesbians or anyone else. I abhor discrimination,” before quietly adding that offering protections to gays and lesbians is “not on his agenda.”

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