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WATCH: Love Lust Blooms In Mike Ruiz’s Pretty Masculine


Mike Ruiz recently announced he won’t be in the upcoming third season of The A List: New York (awww!)

But that doesn’t mean he’s retiring. Far from it—the DILFy photographer is getting ready to release Pretty Masculine, a new coffee-table book featuring a slew of Adonises in revealing poses. Check out this seizure-inducing video promo.


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  • Franco

    They’re all airbrushed to the point of resembling cartoons. Reality is sexier.

  • damien



  • Michael

    Looks horrible.

  • Atlas


  • ggreen

    Ruiz makes all of his subjects look like a cheap drag queen. Even his own self-portrait is very Puerto Rican prom queen.

  • Fitz

    I prefer men. That’s why I call myself gay.
    I don’t know what the word is for men who are into cartoons. But it’s not Fitz.

  • JayKay

    It’s like an ad for a really awful video game.

  • chpinnlr

    @Franco: couldn’t agree more! They are more digitaly enhanced than the Blue dudes in Avatar!

  • Ryan

    Damn, what’s up with these comments?
    I see everyone had a healthy serving of bitchflakes for breakfast this morning.
    Did any of you think maybe the retouching was done on purpose and is part of the art?
    It is called “PRETTY Masculine” after all…not “Raw, Unedited & Macho Masculine”!
    Does retouching hurt your eyes? How the hell do any of you make it through a magazine?
    I think the images look cool.

  • Ross

    Calm down people.
    The title is “PRETTY Masculine”…not “Raw Unedited Macho & Masculine”.
    I think the images look damn cool.

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