Mike Yenni And Wife Are “Moving On” From Gay Teen Sext Scandal So You Should Too


It’s been a rough few months for Republican Mike Yenni of Louisiana. After being exposed for sexting with a 17-year-old Catholic school boy who he met at a high school graduation luncheon last year, Yenni has been on a fruitless mission to restore his reputation and try to save his job. Now, he and his wife, Michelle, have appeared on their local TV news station to discuss the scandal for what they hope will be the final time.

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“It hasn’t been a great year,” Yenni said. (Yeah, ya think?) “I’ve admitted to my mistakes. I’ve apologized to all of the people of Jefferson Paris but, most importantly, to my wife and my family, and to my God.”

Meanwhile, Michelle, dressed in white and sporting a round baby bump, sat beside her husband with a painted on smile and trying her damnedest not to look like she was dying inside.

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“I believe I’m penitent for what I’ve done,” Yenni continued, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done, and I’ve done exactly what I need to do.”

He added that despite the fact that there is a growing campaign calling for him to be recalled, as well as the fact that nearly every other elected official in his area has called for his resignation, he’s determined to continue serving his constituents.

“I’m doing my job and I have the support of my family behind me to do that job,” he said.

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The interviewer then turned her attention to Michelle, who up until then seemed content just smiling and nodding. When asked what she’s been hearing from the public, Michelle replied, “We’ve had nothing but support” before adding that she’s been “disappointed” with the media coverage and “different things that have been going on.”

Then Yenni jumped back in.

“The fact that, here we are, still dwelling on something that happened almost two years ago, getting to, getting to that point now,” he stumbled. “Or, 18 months ago. You know–It’s, it’s, it’s–I mean, my family and I have moved on. And we’re, you know, we’re trying to do the best we can to do our–to live our lives–and, and, and–do the job I was elected to do.”

Watch the painful two minute interview below…